Listen To This, My Friends

I’ve been listening to this non-stop all day and I have no words. Just listen to this. I know you’ll love it as much as I do. *listens for the umpteenth time* *cries*

This beautiful voice belongs to Elm so go and let her know how amazing she is, please!


32 thoughts on “Listen To This, My Friends

    • I know right?! Tell me about it! My pleasure. I just love it so much. How are you, btw? You’re with my little sister in Hannah’s photography challenge, I think. I just nabbed the last spot on Team Rose. I’m not a photographer, but I wanted to give it a go.

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      • Hehe, I was just going to ask you how you are! 😁 Well, good times are rolling in for me. My cousins are home and we’ve been doing lots. How about you?
        Yeah, I’m in it the contest on Team Vines. 😉 You should definitely give it a go! I wasn’t a photographer until three years back when I fell in love with photography.

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      • Hehe, I’m good too, thanks. I’m at my Nan’s for a few weeks looking after her as she just had a knee replacement. She’s recovering well and I have a great opportunity to really focus on my education and future. So yeah! That’s cool. 😀

        Glad you’re okay! Ooh, I want to say that we’ll definitely beat you, but actually I’m not so sure. 😂 I’m 100% the others will be great, but talent is nonexistent, or at the very best – questionable. I’m giving it my best though. Hey, how hard can it be? 😁😁😁

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      • Ah, well, my grandad had a similar operation done to him recently. I hope your Nan gets better!

        Haha, we’ll see about that. *smirk* Yeah, I suppose that would be right to say. I wouldn’t think about hard, just give it your best shot! 😉

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  1. Heyy omg omg omg this one is my FAVOURITE of all the ones Elm has sung!!!!!!!! I have listened to it about 100 times already but now that you reshared it I’m going to listen to it another 100 times!!! Eeeee❤❤❤

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