Family. Community. Society. Humanity.

There is so much negativity building up at the moment. Within families, within communities, within society, within humanity as a whole. These things, these things that are the pillars of our world – they’re breaking down, being replaced.

It’s a massive challenge as anyone really, but particularly teenagers, to grow up in this world. It’s so essential that we, as the future, hold on to what is important. Family. Community. Society. Humanity.

This is a huge struggle, but I’m trying to make the decision to understand and believe in these things.

Soooo, that was the thought of the day! If you guys have any comments on that please do let me know.

Now, I’m going to do like a mini update/catch up thingy with everything I need to tell you all. There’s quite a bit!

  • The amazing Bri has just started blogging again after a couple of months. This is such good news. Please go check out her blog and introduce yourself, it’d mean the world to her.
  • I’m participating in Hannah’s photography contest! No, I am not a photographer, but I wanted to try something new and Hannah is just the sweetest, loveliest person.
  • Remember the social experiment a load of you helped me out with a couple of months ago? Well, I’ve nearly finished putting together all my results and I’ll be sharing them on here very soon. Stay tuned.
  • I’m staying at my Nan’s at the moment looking after her as she just has a knee replacement. She’s doing really well as she’s super determined. She ALWAYS reads my blog so please give her a quick ‘get well soon’ in the comments. She’d be thrilled. 😀
  • I’m going to be doing a ‘day in the life of me’ post soon. So I’m quite excited ’bout that. Also, I’m thinking maybe a little Q and A sesh maybe?
  • I think that’s it??????

What was your thought for today? Tell me all your news! Are you excited for all my future plans on this blog? Lemme know….

22 thoughts on “Family. Community. Society. Humanity.

  1. Gracie all your four words are very important but to me just now the most important is family..Having just had a knee replacement it is a tough time but having my family stay to help love and support me has made the recovery time much easier.You have all boosted up my morale so through the pain I have been able to laugh and enjoy my wonderful family being around me.I will never be able to thank you all enough.So FAMILY is my priority word xxxxx

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  2. An interesting thought for the day. Certainly one that poses many questions and challenges. Although things can look bleak sometimes you and your peers are perfectly placed to influence and make changes. Be positive and take the challenge to make the changes needed to benefit your world in the future! xxx

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  3. Well. I was cycling in the evening and suddenly came to observe that I’d not been riding all that fast ever since I got my riding injury. And that was so long back my body doesn’t even remember it… but my mind somehow does. Before, I used to be a bit of a daredevil cyclist, eager to try stunts and such, but ever since that injury, I’ve been somewhat AFRAID of being hurt. It somewhat embarrasses me.
    And as I was riding on I found some people walking on the road and the only way to pass was through the space between them. For some strange reason I found myself tensing up and becoming all wobbly, almost banging into one person while trying not to bang into the other. But somehow I swerved through. And that’s when the thought just popped into my mind- it’s one thing to be afraid to be hurt, but it’s another to be afraid to hurt someone. 😊
    It’s long, but that was my thought for today!

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