I Have The Answers (To The Q and A) Part 1


First off, thank you so much to everyone who sent me questions. I had a load of fun answering them and I had to think about things I’d never even considered before. I reckon I learnt quite a lot about myself in the time I spent contemplating these so…thanks a ton 🙂

Okay, let’s get started!

Gracie M

What is your favorite thing about where you live?

I would say that my favourite thing about the farm where I live is how I know every part of it so well and because it was literally my world during my childhood. It provided the perfect environment for so many adventures. I have so many happy memories there. There’s always people around to hang out with.

However, my favourite thing about traveling (which is as much where I live as anywhere – we’re always on the road or the canal or whatever 🙂) is probably all the incredible people we’ve met, and the fact that we’ve been able to show others that traveling with a family in a small space and living differently is totally possible!

What do you love most about blogging?

I absolutely love the friends I have. Seriously, my best friends are ones I’ve made online. The blogosphere is such a supportive place, full of amazing people. I also love having my very own platform where I can share my voice and words and people actually read it!!!


What would you describe your overall style as?

I’m guessing you mean clothes wise? Well, I’m not one to follow fashion, that’s for sure! I don’t really put  that much effort into what I look like. However, I have developed my own style (kinda) I wear short sleeve t-shirts, jeans, leggings, hoodies, hats and scarves and wellington boots. Country girl to the core! XD

-What is your favorite dessert?

Always homemade! I love tiramisu (coffeeeee and cream = heaven) and trifle *drools*. However, fruit or a nice piece of home-baked cake is always good.

-What is your favorite movement?

I have so many, but it’s just the small things that I love. I appreciate the small things so much – the sunsets, the smiles, the laughter, the moments of carefree abandon. A highlight for me recently though was walking up to the station to meet a blogging friend for the first time and then later that day stepping up onto a London theatre stage to perform spoken word to an audience. 


What is your favorite outdoor activity?

I have a very outdoorsy lifestyle in general, but my top two would be: hanging out with friends outside and wild swimming. Both are so much fun!

Who inspires you?

So many people! People doing amazing things around the world, random acts of kindness, people trying to make our messed up world better by spreading positivity and trying to do things differently, people fighting through hardships  and negativity to find a way to carry on. However my main inspirations are my parents. They have been on such a journey in their lifetimes and throughout all of it they have never lost faith, never given up on the world. Right now they are trying to find a way to raise a family in our crazy modern society and to show others that they too don’t just have to submit and conform to what the world tells them to be.


Why did you start this blog?

I had the idea that maybe I could be ‘a light in the darkness’ and make a difference to the lives of others. Perhaps I was naive to think that, who knows? But I’m still trying…..🙂


Hopeless Wonderer

What’s your favourite kind of blog post to read and what’s your favourite post you have written?

I love it when my blogging friends post their thoughts and opinions and ideas on life. It shows me that I’m not the only one of my generation that cares about the world and what happens to it. I love fun posts too! Art and writing and all that. Whatever people have to share!

My favourite posts I’ve written are the ones where I try to honest, the ones where I’m a bit more philosophical and the ones where I talk about my life. Ooh and my writing!


Favorite color?

Rainbow?? Does that count? Honestly, I appreciate the beauty in every colour and shade and am so thankful that we have colour in the world. If I had to choose….yellow! Or red? Urgh.

Behind the name of your blog?

Kinda already explained!

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to be a teacher, a peace-maker, a writer, a revolutionary and an advocate for positive change in society. *flips hair*

What have you learned through blogging?

I’ve learned that there’s a whole world out there – including people who think like me! Also that being honest is worth it and some of your best friends can be made without ever seeing their face of hearing their voice.

How long have you been blogging?

Gosh, ages! Over three and a half years now! Since I was eleven. I feel really old now. *hides*


_ean: what did you see first?

Actually I was like, ‘why’s there a line in front of that word which isn’t a word’ (ean) *facepalm*

Would you rather live in the dumps with the biggest mansion, or live in a tiny house in the most beautiful place?

That’s an easy one! Beautiful and tiny. That’s already a reality for me!

One word to describe you?

One word???? I am not a one word person, guys. It’s a well know fact that I speak in paragraphs. Okay, um, I’m going to say that I’m ‘me’. Ha! How’s that for a clever answer, eh?


Best thing that you’ve done lately that made you smile?

I’ve just been looking after my Nan after she had a knee replacement operation and watching her recover and spending time with her makes me so happy.

Last big argument you had with one of your siblings?

Hahaha, well, weird as it sounds me and my siblings don’t really argue. I think because we live in such a tiny space (the back of a van) we’ve learned not to. For as long as I can remember my parents have worked on us having good relationships with each other. Your siblings are the friends who’ll stick with you your whole life so appreciate them, guys (yes, it sounds impossible, I know, but stick with it – it’ll be worth it later on.)

We’re not perfect though! I get SO annoyed when my brother wakes me up in the middle of the night by rolling into my bed. Lol.

The thing that makes you feel like a little kid again?

Roly-polying! Rolling down a hill, getting my hair all tangled and my clothes all stained and then scrambling up to the top again to do the whole damn thing again makes me feel so alive and like a little kid again. Thanks for reminding me of that. I haven’t done it in ages.

*throws down phone* *goes in search of a hill*

Okay, well, I’ll see you all again soon with Part 2! Bye for now!

I’d love to hear your answers! Favourite moment? Best thing about blogging? Roly-polys?  Tell me everything! 

36 thoughts on “I Have The Answers (To The Q and A) Part 1

  1. Oh gosh, roly-polying. Just about less a week back we took a trip to a hilly place and there was this crazy steep slope. I’d never really rolled down one before so my cousins dragged me up and we rolled aallll the way down and I ended up feeling so dizzy and weirdly happy. 😛 Such a coincidence I read this so soon after that happened! It still feels weird that I actually did something like that, but it was definitely worth it! 😉

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  2. Hi Gracie I really enjoyed the questions you were asked and more so I enjoyed reading your answers.Thank you for including me in one of your answers I certainly was very very happy spending time with you .Have me a real boost to get better xxxxx

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