Story Time: Thinking Differently + Not Being Influenced By The Media (Even If Your Peers Are) ~RANT ALERT!!!~

Everyone knows that media influence is an issue, right? But, as I’ve discovered, it’s only when you experience the power of this influence first-hand amongst people you know and care about that it really hits home. And when it does hit, it hits hard.

Here’s what inspired this post. Story Time!

Please note: I am not attacking my friends by sharing this story. I love them all very much and do not blame them at all. It is the media that should be held responsible for this incident. 

A couple of days ago I was hanging out with a group of friends – mixed ages, boys and girls. The boys were having a conversation and so the girls and I decided to wander over to see what they were talking about. It turned out that they were discussing what they look for more of in a partner – personality or looks? After laughing at them for having such a weird conversation we started listening and joining in. 

It all got a  bit technical when they started breaking it down into percentages. At first us girls were just laughing our heads off. It was so amusing, but then it became a bit more ‘interesting’. Much to our surprise most of the guys seemed more interested in girl’s looks than in their personality :0

One of them was like ‘oh, 100% looks, definitely’ and so one of the others asked him to describe what his perfect girlfriend would look like. To my shock and disappointment he started listing every single beauty stereotype that the media projects at us – blonde, skinny, etc.  All the other boys agreed with him. These were kids I had spent my childhood with, boys I had grown up playing in the dirt with. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. 

I admit I got a bit cross with them 😉 ‘Guys, come on’ I said ‘That’s such a messed up view! And plus, it’s not even your view, it’s what you’ve watched on TV, read or seen online, it’s not you. You’re being influenced, told what to think! Surely that’s not what you want? Your view of beauty should not be what a corrupt society has put into your head!” I didn’t say all of that in exactly those words because looking back now I am not so blinded by confusion and sadness and frustration, but I did rant on along similar lines.

Some of the boys’ reactions was defensiveness. “Oh, well, I did say I valued personality more”, one said. But what really shocked me was what one of my friends said. He looked at me, smiled and shrugged. “What’s the point of having a girlfriend if she’s not pretty?” 

I felt like screaming. ‘You have no idea what you’re saying!” I thought. ‘You’re young and all around you that’s what people are telling you’ I just shook my head sadly and that was the end of the conversation. 

However, that whole incident stayed in my thoughts for ages after that. It made me wonder what sort of a chance my generation have and how they’ll ever learn what’s right when they are constantly being told otherwise. It also made me think about my place in all this – I may have different opinions at the moment (due to the way I’ve been raised), but how long until this starts to affect me too?

For example, all of my friends (these same ones, but the girls too) are obsessed with the TV show Friends. Ok, ok, I know this is going to be controversial.  I know Friends is widely loved, but hear me out, alright?

They keep trying to get me to watch it, gossiping about what episodes they’re on and squealing about the latest inappropriate stuff they’ve learned from it. That’s after they’ve whispered about spoilers, discussed each character in the finest detail and sobbed  on each other’s shoulders because they only have two more seasons to go before they have to start re-watching episodes. Seriously, my eyes hurt from so much rolling.

Image result for friends

But it really isn’t this that I have a problem with. I’m as much of a fangirl as anyone when it comes to favourite TV shows. I recently jumped up and down more than I’d care to admit when the trailer for Anne With An E Season 2 was released. Any fellow fans out there?

Image result for anne with an eImage result for anne with an e

Image result for anne with an e

The thing that gets to me is the fact that the programmes I watch have positive messages, strong characters, great portrayals of real life relationships, as well as being amazingly entertaining! Whereas things like Friends are full of negativity, fakeness, inappropriateness and although they may make you laugh, if you think about it they’re just trash. Even when I ask my friends what’s good about Friends they struggle 😂

I have made the decision not to watch Friends – even though all of my friends are. In fact, I make the decision to think different and act differently just in general. This isn’t easy – I’m a teenager growing up in the same society we all live in after all, but hey ho, I’m giving it a go.

How about you? 

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34 thoughts on “Story Time: Thinking Differently + Not Being Influenced By The Media (Even If Your Peers Are) ~RANT ALERT!!!~

  1. I have honestly NEVER watched Friends. It’s not that I exactly avoided it purposely (I guess I never realized the raunchy humor), I just never had any interest in watching it. So I must thank you for shining light on this TV show! 😉

    I just watched the Anne with An E trailer and WOW! It looks so good– I need to watch it! I was just telling my mom that I want to re-watch (all the way through) the 1985 TV series of Anne of Green Gables. I really love it! ❤ I might even have to read the books of Anne of Green Gables (I've only read the very first)!


    • Neither! I’ve only heard about it. And from what I’ve heard I know that I really do not want to.

      YES! You need to watch Anne With An E. It’s absolutely amazing. And definitely be sure to let me know what you think. I haven’t seen the original series. I really should. *makes mental note*

      Thanks for your lovely comment! 🙂

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  2. Something similar happened to me! I was hanging out with two of my friends (both guys) and we started talking about attraction since one of them asked me if I was gay. I told them that I don’t judge people as much off of looks, I can think someone’s cute, but in order to be attracted attracted to them, I have to like their personality as well.
    They were really confused, and one of them asked, “How do you become friends with the opposite sex if you don’t want them in the first place?”
    Me: What??
    Them: Like, why do you talk to the opposite sex if you don’t want their number and snap chat?
    Me: Don’t y’all ever just talk to girls to pursue just a friendship?
    Them (in unison): No! Why would we?

    I didn’t know what to say. 😂 🙄

    It seems that social media has been reducing people to just objects in the minds of some teens. :/
    Also, my parents have never let me watch Friends, so I guess I don’t need to quit that. 😛

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    • I can imagine myself having that exact conversation with some of my friends! It’s crazy how narrow-minded people can be, isn’t it? Haha, my parents did give me the choice, but I know their opinion of it and I know for myself that I’d never want to watch it…ever.

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  3. This resonates with me. I have a serious issue with insipid snippets of media manipulation. Thanks for sharing. I guess this generation’s worst challenge will be in finding a way to deal with fake media induced perceptions of life 😉

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  4. You can start a relationship with a physical attraction and it can stay just as that or it evolves into a real thing when you get to know someone and fall in love with their personality. After that, that person is beautiful no matter what anyone says or thinks.

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  5. YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES can I just keep screaming that please?? I mean, so many people are influenced now by the internet and what the media says. It’s really sad. 😦

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    • YES YES YES YES YES YOU CAN AND SO WILL I! I’m so so so glad you feel so strongly about it too. We need to speak up and share with our peers who are being influenced in such a way. We are the future and so we’ve got to make them see. Yeah, I was really sad about it 😦

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  6. This is so true…. It is rather interesting though, that almost all of the people in Magazine’s and on TV have both a ton of makeup and have been Photoshopped. XD


    • I’m glad you, as a fellow young person, agree, Hannah! It’s very encouraging 🙂 ❤ Yeah, that is an interesting point. The form of beauty that they are aiming for doesn't even exist 😂 It''s all fake xxxx

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  7. Hi Gracie I’m pleased to know you have your own strong opinions and you’re not afraid to say.It wouldn’t do for us all to be the same.As for the comments about beauty being most important about finding a girlfriend or handsome for a boyfriend. It’s what’s inside the person that’s important xxx

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  8. Well said Gracie! It’s interesting everyone is watching Friends given it’s such an old series! At least they’re not watching Love Island!!!! From what I’ve heard it’s appalling. I do believe the pressure on young women particularly to conform to ideals from TV and internet today is far too high. I’m so glad you’re out there with your friends to counter these stereotypes and unattainable expectations. Stand firm, life is challenging enough without extra hassle! xxx

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  9. It’s really great as a girl, you just didn’t go along with what they were saying. In my school at least, it’s all about what looks better on Instagram, which is such a shame because great girls are wasting their time on bad guys and vise versa. I totally hear you.

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  10. Gracie, this was an amazing post to read. It 100% resonates with me. I cannot start to even crush on someone until I know their personality. A relationship is all about the personality. If someone is rude and obnoxious but stunningly beautiful I’m still not going to date them.
    And the thing about Friends? YES! I have so many friends who spend their time fangirling about it and Riverdale and neither seem to have good morals and opinions.
    Thank you for this post. Xo

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  11. I literally had the same thoughts when I was younger about media perpetuating beauty, I literally did an entire post about it (I’m going to go and look for it and link it at the end). It literally irks me that we do have people who end up basing “girlfriend” qualities solely on looks, and as we get older it gets more complicated because we do in a society which has a large portion objectifying women and seeing them as just “objects” which frustrates me to no end. I do like how media does end up allowing to expand to different voices, though, which does allow an exchange of ideas.

    Also, I’m really excited for Anne With an E! I’m such a dork, but I’m staying up, waiting for it to premiere, and then probably binge-watching all of season two. I’ve been waiting on this for such a long time 😛

    xoxo Abigail Lennah

    (P.S. Here’s the post. It’s old but like wow we do have very similar thoughts:

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    • Yes, agreed! Thanks so much for that, Abigail! I’ll definitely check your post out.

      Ahhhh, I totally would’ve done the same, but I don’t have Netflix and I was away on a sailing trip. I will find a way to watch it though. How was it???? 💕 Lol, Ikr?


  12. The decision to think differently and to actively discourage yourself from being influenced by media stereotypes is WHY you’re such a unique person. I really feel like the media has a profound effect on so many people. Take the example of your friends who were describing their perfect girlfriend: they got defensive when you called them out. That shows that it might not be their true opinion and that the only basis for this opinion they have is the flawed media which espouses the values of a materialistic society. People consume and don’t always feel; people let things effect them passively and don’t realise.
    This was an astounding post. Thank you for writing it – it helped me to think about my own opinions that have been influenced by the media. For instance, I think I’ve been conditioned to hold myself and others, sometimes, to an unrealistic standard because of beauty adverts and influencers who portray unrealistic concepts of what you SHOULD be. I want to try and challenge my own judgements and people like you help with that.

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  13. Omg I Love this post SO much. I can’t believe I missed it earlier.
    First if all, I really don’t like Friends too!!! And I couldn’t have agreed more when you called it trash. Honestly. My eyeballs are hurting hard too. I simply can’t understand the obsession, because I form even find half of it funny at all.

    And oh gosh did they really say that? I’m not blaming your friends ofcourse but I can’t digest the extent to which people are affected. Whoa. We reaallyy really need to talk TONS. I’ll text you on Skype.


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    • Hiiiii! Where have you been? I missed you a TON. Like, so much. YEP, YEP, YEP, we need to talk. Message me on Skype, yeah, I miss our old messaging conversations and I have SO much to tell you ❤️

      Thank you for your comment. Haha, glad someone else doesn’t like Friends and agrees with me about how crazy our world and modern society is xxx


      • AAAAAHH I KNOW RIGHT!!! I’m in a position where I’m involved in tooo many activities at the mo. Its horrible and madly exhausting yet, I just don’t know what to do.

        And yessss we have TONS and tonss to talk!! But again I can’t figure out any time because ..ughh chaos and exhaustion. I really feel like venting out it all and I’ll try to ring you up whenever I can!! Please don’t be mad ?🙂❤ xxxxxx

        And haha see that’s our wavelength!!😛xx

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