This was written with a specific person in mind, but it’s for anyone out there that connects with the words and feels those chills that run through your body when you finally hear something that sounds like how you feel on the inside.

Broken by Gracie Chick 

i can see that beneath it all you’re broken,
you can’t hide it from me ’cause I was broken too, you know,
once, not that long ago.

put the pieces back together, like I know you can.
here, pick them up and put them in my hand
and I’ll help you,
if you want me to.

and maybe, while we build you back up,
my scars will begin to fade,
and maybe, so scared of messing up,
we’ll learn why we feel this way.

i see it in your eyes when you’re staring into space,
you need to escape, you need to be free, you need to get out of this place.
this is what we’ve been through and this is where we’ve been,
now we need to find away into the future that we see.


46 thoughts on “Broken

  1. Wow, beautiful. Makes me think of my best friend. :/ He needs lots of prayer right now. Also, did you draw that picture? It’s so gorgeous! I love it a LOOOT! I wish I could draw like that!

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  2. Honestly, I recently encountered someone who is very much like the person you wrote this about. I’ve really been praying for this person, and will pray for the person you wrote this about as well! 🙂

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  3. Holy heck Gracie. This really hit me hard. It’s so beautiful and the words are so moving. I can feel the pain through the words, it was stunning to read. You are so talented. xo

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  4. Hello, Gracie girl.
    I am back on the internet again after months of procrastination and with much condemnation of the blasted thing, finally thought it best if I played along with modern ways (I’m easily manipulated, obviously)!
    I have just been reading through your, as usual, eloquent masterpieces, keep it up and I am sure it will do the same for you.
    Take care, Gracie.

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      • Hello, Gracie.
        Its lovely to hear from you to, yes it has been a long time, sometimes I go a little recluse but not to an misanthropic extent!
        I hear that you have been sailing, I hop you enjoyed it, sailing is one of the most but beautiful activity and an enlightening form of transport, I regard it on the same level as cycling, so Gracie what did you think of your sailing experience and the time in the hands of the unforgiving waves?
        I have been enjoying miles of cycling but I still reflecting on my memories of glistening sea, I need to find the sea again before I go mad!
        Take care Gracie and keep writing.
        P.S. Did you manage to find a refill and get those pens I gave you working?

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      • I have indeed been sailing! I sailed in Cornwall and Devon a few months ago which was how I got the bug and then for a week around the Western Isles and the Outer Hebrides in Scotland which was absolutely incredible, but so intense and literally the best week of my life. I am now working every day this summer to fund myself on the small ships race from Cornwall to the Isle of Wight to Portsmouth in September. I understand your yearning for the sea. I have been experiencing it myself! I have decided that sailing is what I want to do in the future and so am looking into volunteering on boats and doing some training so I can become a bosun.
        So yeah, it’s all go.
        How’re you? And what have you been doing?

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      • Well, Gracie, you certainly have been busy, I too, have been saving for adventures, where do you find these sailing trips, do you have any recommendations? I know of this person who is part of a group that restored a historic Thames Barge (SB Lady Daphne) so I might be able to sail with them, but I have sailed Thames barges before, so I might look into something bigger, perhaps I should sell my boat and buy a catamaran.

        I am going to see my best friend and writing buddy in Canvey Island to help him write his second book, a sequel to The Daughters Of The Wheel there is still lots more work to be done on it and also stop his old wooden boat from sinking!

        What exciting things are you up to, or planning?

        When are you planning your trip abroad in the new camper?

        Take care, Gracie.

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      • There’s all sorts of sail training charities that run voyages all over the country, Tom. ASTO (the association of sail training organisations) is a good place to start looking if you’re interested.

        I hope you have a great time in Canvey Island. I’ll be interested to hear how the book’s going.

        We’re not sure what we’re doing yet. Perhaps Scotland? Or Europe? Or maybe staying at the farm to work a bit more? We’re hoping to move into the new truck soon though.


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