29 thoughts on “Me At The Moment (In Quotes, Lyrics and Aesthetics)

  1. Sure, I’ll love you, at the moment!
    On a more serious note, I like this post very much, it seems to me, quite poignant.
    Keep making posts.

    I looked that sailing training website but I could not see any sort of price list, what are their prices like?

    The new book is being developed and written slowly, how far have you read on the first book Daughters Of The Wheel?

    Scotland is a nice part of the country but the Scots beg to differ!

    Take care, Gracie.

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    • Thank you, Tom. Glad you enjoyed. If you look at the side of the ASTO page you should be able to find the list of individual charities that run the voyages. They should have the prices on their websites.
      I haven’t got that far to be honest. I haven’t had very much time for reading lately – especially not a book that takes a lot of thought and concentration.

      I found that the Scots were very patriotic for the most part and yes, Scotland is certainly the most beautiful place I’ve ever been.

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      • You’re welcome, Gracie, is it like me to dislike your writings? no, I love everything you have written, so far.

        I looked into there web pages but prices seem scarce, I am seriously thinking of buying a sailing boat, there are boats like this ( https://boats-from.co.uk/not-specified/heavenly-twins-catamaran-40362 ) all the time, although its small, its very seaworthy and I have seen a family peddling down the canal in a much smaller boat! (I wonder who that was).

        It is my sisters birthday on the 28 and we are all going down to Sea Ford for the day which is almost on your doorstep, I’m not sure what you are planning for that day but it would pose as a good opportunity for us all to meet up, what do you think?

        What do you think of the book so far and there is also a songbook coming out containing most of his work and I have been contributing to the composition, layout and proofreading, which is good fun.

        What writing have you been doing and have you made any commitments towards this Novembers writing challenge?

        I do like the Scots, well all that I have encountered, I see beauty when I close my eyes, I do close my eyes for the Scots and praise the works of Burns.

        Take care Gracie: Tom.

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      • Hi Tom,
        Thank you very much 🙂
        I like the look of that boat – very nice. On the 28th my Mum and I are both working at different points during the day. What exactly were you thinking of? It’d be nice to see you all if we can make it work.

        I have been writing lots of spoken word. In fact I have applied to a programme in London. I am still waiting to hear from them.

        I think the Scots are great!


      • Gracie, it is a nice boat, that’s what I would like to have.

        We are planning to have a picnic on the beach then have a walk up on the cliffs. What time are you working and what are your thoughts on possible arrangements.

        I would like to be able to cycle over again at some point when we can schedule a day and time.

        I have been writing some parts to a story I have been working on for a little while and also helping my writer friend Keith with his works, let me know if you get this spoken word opportunity and maybe I could get to see it.

        I have this yearning for the sea, when can I get back to it.

        What did you feel the first time you sailed?
        I felt carried away, in all metaphorical and literal aspects.

        Take the greatest of care, Gracie.

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      • Yeah, I like the sort of boats I sail in Cornwall. They are a good deal larger, but very, very beautiful and a pleasure to sail. Here are the links – https://www.theislandtrust.org.uk/boats/pegasus/

        Mum is working all morning and I have a cleaning shift between 1-2:30pm. We also don’t have a car at the moment. It seems unlikely we can make it happen though it would’ve been nice. We can definitely makes plans for another time .

        I understand your yearning for the sea. I have it too 🌊⛵⛵⛵ In fact, I have developed quite an obsession with the ocean. Post on that coming very soon!

        I’d be interested in hearing some of your story. What’s it about?

        The first time I dinghy sailed I loved it, but was very cold! Then my first time big boat sailing I felt free, alive and exactly where I belonged 🙂


  2. hey, i really loved this blog post! i’m rose and my blog is new(ish), so if you have a minute i would love if you checked it out and maybe tell me what you think? thank you


  3. They are two lovely examples of wooden craftsmanship, I would love a boat like that but the maintenance they require can be hard of keep up with, though a restoration project boat can be picked up fairly cheap. With some carpentry skills and funds behind you, it is possible to keep an elegant wooden yacht.

    Okay, it would be hard to arrange anything around those situations, I would love to arrange a day to come over and see you all, soon.
    What is your cleaning job like, do you enjoy it?

    I have been wanting the sea too long now, I need it before I lose my sanity.

    When I first met you I thought you were maritime people coming to the canals for a change of water and I was surprised when I heard that you lived the roads for the most of your travels.

    The sea is the place for you, so long as you keep on top of it and don’t let it get on top of you, ever!

    I am still working on a stable storyline and working on key points that I wish to portray, but it is basically about four people with opposite inclinations trying to change there lives for their respective reasons, they meet up and find that their inclinations are congruent.
    It should work, I think.

    It is where I need to be, for sure.

    Keep thinking of the sea because the sea is thinking of you.

    Take care, Gracie.

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    • I know. The maintenance is very demanding.
      Of course, it’d be great to see you. I clean the toilets and showers at the campsite three days a week, I also work in the shop and litterpick. I don’t mind it, it’s just a way of earning money so I can do what I do enjoy – sailing!

      I may lose my sanity too. Not that I have much 😂 I’m counting down the days until I do the small ships race next month.

      That’s interesting. Do we seem like maritime people to you? My parents have never even been sailing.

      Your storyline is very intriguing.

      I will. I don’t think I would be able not to think of the sea even if I tried…


      • I would love to come to see you too, I have this sinus infection which has elaborated on my facial structure, I now feel and look like a Tetraodon Puffer, my teeth and my heads ache.

        Well, that’s job at least, I have been making some money from eBay recently.
        When are you doing this sailing race?
        I am excited about it, I can imagine how you feel.
        What is the voyage route?

        Yes, you do seem like maritime people, especially you and Jem, but as an initial guess, I thought you all were.

        Yes, I hope I can go somewhere with it.
        You seem very good at spoken word pieces.

        I am continuously thinking of the sea, have you ever tried not to think of something, its impossible.

        Take care, Gracie, keep the sea in your hand and the tide on or by your side.


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      • Oh no, hopefully you’ll feel better soon.
        Exactly. Oh, interesting. What are you selling?
        It’s from late Sept to early Oct and we go from Plymouth to the Isle of Wight, round it and back to Portsmouth. A long way!!!


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