Three Wishes – Random Ramblings

I’ve been thinking…if I could wish for any three things, what would they be? It’s such a cliché question, but one with so much potential and so many possibilities that my mind flies from one thing to another until I’m so dizzy that I just have to stop.

Stop. Sometimes when your thoughts get too much and you start to feel too much and your heart fills up and you start to overthink to the point that any minute you might just explode, you just have to stop. Breathe.

I crave depth and freedom and I find it so hard to live in a world where everything is shallow and fake. My own head is the only place I can find some escape from that, but my thoughts are just too much sometimes.

Still, I keep thinking, what three wishes would I choose? Here’s my conclusion. How about you?

  1. That the distance between me and some of the people I care about the most wasn’t so great.
  2. That people in the world would wake up and see what’s important and start working in harmony to achieve it so that everyone could be happy and content.
  3. That I could have a sailing boat and sail around the world helping others, teaching people to sail and loving life ❤️❤️



35 thoughts on “Three Wishes – Random Ramblings

      • I’m not completely sure, it’s really hard to decide but it might look something like this- 1. Help and a measure of wealth for the nations like Malawi which are in complete poverty (it’s really sad the way they have to live, we’re so rich in comparison!) 2. Can you wish totally unrealistic? I wish my 17 yo cousin hadn’t died this summer. 3. In the future, for lots of world travels and for a husband who loves the Lord.

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  1. Ooh, those are some great wishes! I would wish for:
    1) That our world would be a peaceful world, and people would genuinely care about others.
    2) That people would dream big, and realize that they have potential to be great.
    3) That sickness (especially long term/chronic illness) wouldn’t exist.
    Have a great day!

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  2. If I had 3 wishes I would second all of your listed wishes in hope that they come true for you, wish for my family/friends to be happy (which kind of included that first wish now that I think about it! 😐😂) + healthy and lastly to become an author one day! 📚❤

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  3. Aww, I love your ones, 🙂 especially your second one. x I didn’t know you liked sailing? xxx

    I think mine would be:

    1. For people to be kind, to other people, animals and the planet.
    2. For my loved ones to be happy, and not have the worries they have.
    3. And for me to be healthy! 🙂 And a sneaky fourth one: to have my own little donkey sanctuary. 🙂

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  4. I am certain that your wishes have more potential than just wishes.
    I also think that people need to be less phoney, how many times has someone said something to you and you think, do you really think that.
    It’s not even shallow but more misguided, your wishes will be achieved, if you had a sailing boat you could get to those who you long to see/see more of, and keep an open heart and others will follow suit (there all gullible anyway!!)
    Sorry, I thought it ironically appropriate.
    Take the greatest of care Gracie.

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  5. Such a great question! 💕 piece. So many possibilities, gosh so difficult to decide, but I think they would mainly revolve around family health and wellness, a collective human understanding of the damage we’re doing to ourselves and planet so we can come together to fix the problems and for all people to respect each other’s difference so we can live in harmony! Not too much to hope for really 😎 lots of love to all xxx

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  6. What a good question..If I could have three wishes 1 I wish I could turn the clock back 15 years and I think you know why.2To see all my family grown up and settled happily and healthy .3To hope the world becomes a safer place for all to live in. Xxxxx

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