{Messin’ With A Camera and Some Words}

I’ve taken some kinda aesthetic photos recently. Not a photographer, but I like messing around with my phone camera so yeah, guys, enjoy…

I tell the sunset that I miss you. I tell it how my heart aches and how, if the blue of the sky was a little deeper, it could be an upside-down ocean.


~sparkler wizard in his element~

What the mirror sees is what I forget – wild hair and cowgirl jeans. Bracelets up one arm, a metallic road spanning bruised skin stretched over muscle, swimmer’s muscle. Swimmer’s bruises. This is me.Β 

Fire and noise call me from afar. The drums feel like a revolution. There are crowds, but all I see are hands, tucked in pockets, reaching for the sky, for the fireworks that explode above their heads, just out of reach. Beautiful, but fleeting and no one’s to keep. There’s smoke, but all I see are flames, leaping through the air towards me. They call me, set my soul on fire. There’s sparks that burn my heart and it….it makes me feel alive.

Cars pass like moments, seconds even. Things we wanted to say, but….never did. Times when we turned our unspoken words into sighs….wrote the text message, but deleted it before we pressed send. Talked to the stars. Hid our feelings in metaphors and rhymes. I’m guilty. Another car past.

Stop! Don’t run into the fire, don’t burn, don’t follow the crowd, don’t be hypnotised by the flames, listen to my warning in the dark. Please.

“Mummy, the sky’s on fire.”Β 

I like talking to the sky. I tell it how I feel and then that I don’t know what to feel. I tell it that I don’t know what to say and it listens. I sing in the car because it makes me feel powerful. Just like when I’m in the water, I feel like I’m on top of the world, but I’m not. I feel the light above me and I fight my way up.Β 

41 thoughts on “{Messin’ With A Camera and Some Words}

  1. Gracie, the sky’s on fire.
    Some fantastic images, wizards with wands and a girl with a magic mirror.

    Gracie, where did you get that belt from? It looks superb!

    I sent a reply to your email and will comment on your other recent post, though I may delay it a little!

    That is a magic mirror, isn’t it?

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    • Thanks, Tom! Glad you like them. It’s Evan’s belt, which I nicked πŸ˜„ I don’t actually know where he got it from.

      Its my Gran’s mirror! Probably an antique πŸ™‚


  2. Your welcome, Gracie, I regard you and most of your works very highly! As long as you don’t mention Disney!
    The thing about Disney productions is they seem so phoney, with fake sincerity to please the populace, sorry for criticizing, Gracie, what are your thoughts of my observation?

    It’s a beautiful mirror, and it has probably gathered a judging personality over the years.

    Because that mirror has seen a lot of faces, it is reflecting on looks of days gone by and judging you at the same time.
    A so the mirror shall remember.

    Keith says, every time I look into a mirror, that I may see myself but the mirror can see straight through me.

    I hope you liked my mirror observations.

    Take care, Gracie girl.

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  3. Some great images and words to go with them Gracie. I love the way you think and express yourself and always enjoy reading your blogs. Lots of love to all xxx

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  4. Gracie girl, I value your opinions and respect them greatly.

    In actual fact, I could probably appreciate a Disney production if I didn’t know it was a Disney production.
    When I think of Disney, I think of a money making factory, making money from peoples emotions!
    But, they have many talented artists working for them, and their films usually come over very well, though often over dramatic.
    Though it is a little ambiguous of me say that because I know little of the company and the ways they might put funds into schemes helpful for those in less fortunate positions.

    I’ll try and allocate some time to watch your favoured Disney films, and in observation you probably regard Disney in a similar way that I regard the artist Rusty Cage, what do you think of him, I am dying to hear your thoughts on him.

    So are yours, I sometimes get so wrapped up about my appearance that I forget what’s going on in my head, maybe!

    Take care, Gracie girl. And did you receive my email, I sent it but I can’t find it in my sent box, bloody outlook.

    Be careful, Girl.
    Love: Tom.

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    • Yes, you should definitely watch them and see what you think. You may be right about Disney, but I guess it’ll just always be one of those things I can’t help enjoying πŸ™‚

      I’ll listen to some rusty cage and let you know what I think when I reply to your email (which, yes, I have received)



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