2018 – The Year Of The Ship

2018. Where do I even start?

I’ve honestly been staring at this screen for over six minutes and I still have no idea. So much has happened this year and it’s all going through my head right now and I can’t even….it’s just….a whole year is such a long time and I’ve changed so much and experienced so much and I don’t know how to begin explaining that.

I’ve called this post The Year Of The Ship because that’s what it is in my mind. Sailing ships and friendships ☺️ here goes….

Life’s weird. I wasn’t expecting to go on a sailing voyage and come back like ‘Bam, I know what I’m gonna do with my life now’ but hey, that’s what happened! That first trip sparked my love for sailing and the ocean and the whole seafaring way of life and I realised that I could use this to make a difference. 

I’ve been on three voyages since and, in total, have spent a whole month at sea this year! I’ve met some of my best best best friends and have completely and irreversably fallen in love with sailing and sail training.

This year has been really hard and full of challenges.  I feel as though major changes are constantly being thrown at me. Teenage life isn’t easy as I’m sure many of you well know and trying to juggle relationships, my future, feelings, new responsibilities and changing the world is pretty demanding, ya know? 😉 

I honestly think 2019 has made me a completely different person and that I’ve changed so much, in a positive way, for sure 🙂 

I think I’ve finally found a world I belong in and at the same time, a way to make a difference. I feel both lost and found, if that makes sense. As if I’ve found a place and people to belong to and yet I’m still searching and still trying to make the world a better place. 

I also just want to mention all the amazing people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with this  year – blogging friends, real life friends, the crew of Pegasus voyage 1 & 2, the crew of Alba Explorer and all my Small Ships Race mates. 

2018 hasn’t been an easy year for anyone and I’m so so so proud of everyone for getting through it and being the incredible people that I know. Love ya all. Stay strong. 

I think that pretty much sums up my unsum-up-able year lol. To listen to my soundtrack for 2018 click here for a playlist I made for a few friends. It’s full of all the songs that mean the most to me and I’d love for you to give it a listen 💕 

How has your 2018 been? What’s been the most important thing to you this year? Would you say that you’ve changed a lot? Did you listen to the playlist? 



Set The World On Fire🔥 + Announcements!!


The girl stared at the sky. Above her, thousands of birds danced to the rhythm throbbing through her headphones, the sunset reflected in the deep blue of her eyes. “It’s coming” she whispered. “It’s really coming”

People rushed past her, streaming into or out of the huge shopping centre that towered above them. She stood there, amongst this midst of consumerist frenzy, managing to look perfectly at home and out of place all at the same time. A knowing smile fixed on her lips, she turned and disappeared into the crowds.

The boy in the black hoodie watched her go, but made no attempt to follow her. Tucking his hands into the pockets of his jeans, he raised his eyes to the sky.

The birds had gone.

He made his way over to a park bench on a square of scraggly grass surrounded by concrete, home to a decrepit looking tree. He sat there, waiting.

Within a couple of minutes, a girl and boy squeezed onto the bench beside him. A lock of the girls flaming red hair tumbled out from beneath her hood as she bent to stare at her boots and the boy’s dark skin shone in the evening light. Neither of them spoke.

“Murmur says it’s coming.” the boy turned to the others, eyes burning, blonde hair spiked with passion and grim excitement. The girl returned his gaze.


He saw his own hope echoed in her eyes and had to bite back a grin. “This is it, Nance, this is it.”

The other boy threw his head back and laughed. The rose gold glow of the sky made his face shine like a bronze angel.  “Let’s set the world on fire” his voice was thick with intent and anticipation.

The girl smiled and tucked her hair behind her ear. “Are we ready for this, boys?”

They both nodded and with that the three of them rose in perfect synchrony and were gone. 

The rest of the world had no idea of what was to come.

What do you think, guys? If you want to hear more, let me know…

Now….some announcements! First off, go VOTE in Megan’s Best of 2018 Contest! You can nominate all your favourite blogs, bloggers and posts of this year 😊

Also, I’m going to be open for guest posting/collabing in the new year so if you’d be interested, fill out the contact form below with details. Please only contact me if we know each other already. To give you some ideas, I’d be up for posts about making a difference, opinions, lifestyle, poetry, writing, anything along those lines.




I think that’s it! Did you vote in Megan’s contest? Interested in collaborating? Were you intrigued by ‘Set The World On Fire’? 🔥



Be A Little ‘Sadder’

Disclaimer: this post could be seen as a bit controversial. I just want to begin by saying that I’m not blaming anyone, I’m simply sharing my experiences and opinions and, as always, feel totally free to comment below if you disagree. I would love to hear your thoughts.

In our society so many positive things are labeled as negatives. Putting effort into something or taking it seriously is seen as ‘lame’ and having a dream and putting all your heart into following it is seen as ‘sad’.

I have had many experiences of people telling me that something I’ve done or made or that something I strongly believe in is ‘cringy’. Who are they to tell me that?

They don’t understand the motivation and dedication it takes to get up and go to work every day of your summer holidays to fund for something you love to do. They don’t understand the reason that you take your education seriously and the mindset of doing something to the best of your ability because you learn from it and you can be proud of what you’ve achieved.  To do something to help someone else because we need more kindness in this world.  To put your soul into making our society a better place to live in when you could just care about yourself.  To them that’s uncool. It’s lame. It’s sad.

They don’t understand what it’s like to love something so much that it hurts. To think of it during every moment, to dream of it day and night. To want to dedicate your life to it. To be willing to work hard and sacrifice to get where it is that you want to go.

I look at those people who call me sad or lame and I think about whose future looks brighter. Mine or theirs? I feel sad for people who don’t take anything seriously, who believe that life is a joke because that is what their life will be. One big joke. We will be following our dreams, making a difference and living our lives the way we have created them and they will have missed out on that because of their ignorant perceptions.

I feel sad and angry. People’s lives could be so much more. They could be so much better.

So be a little ‘sadder’, don’t be afraid of being called ‘lame’. All I’m asking is that we change the way we think a little bit, rewind and ask ourselves ‘Why are we calling that lame? Why is that sad?’ Often the things we dismiss or label are priceless, beautiful things that we can learn a lot from if we really take the time.

Please comment and share! I believe that this is a really important issue for our society to become aware of and I would love to hear what you think? 


Bike Photoshoot (Featuring Me™ and My Sister)



So in this post you get to admire the magnificent modeling + photography skills of me and my lil’ sister Irys 😂 Something that I love doing is messing around on my bike on the farm, whizzing down hills, wind in my hair, especially in the cold and rain for some reason??

Anyway, enjoy!


What you don’t see is that I was literally just about to fall off as that photo was taken haha.


Irys is the main photographer, but I did get a few cool pics of her 🙂


Epic, dramatic wizard pose…



You have no idea how much skill it takes to cycle like that 😂


So much fuuuun 😆


Cowgirl vibes 🤠😄


My handiwork #proud


Totally not in hysterics 🤣



Gracie?? Take a sensible photo?? Must be ill 😁




Irys thinks ‘blurred is absurd’. However, I strongly disagree. I believe ‘blurred is beautiful’ 😆😍


I saved the best ’til last lol. I think you can tell from my face that this was a whole lotta fun.


Moving On

I’m sorry for my silence…I know it’s been a while. Autumn is well and truly here now and winter is definitely feeling close. Life is very cold and summer is long gone.

We’re leaving where we live in a couple of weeks. I look around me and I see my home, the only home (other than the open road) that I can remember. I see the ghosts of warm summer nights under the stars with my best friends, campfires glowing in the dark, a million mudfights, ten years worth of childhood adventures and stories. I could walk around this place blindfolded, I know it a hundred times better than any other place in the world because, for an entire decade, these woods and fields and rivers and buildings, were my world.

But life goes on and things change and now I’m leaving it behind. I’m ready to move on – we all are, but I’ll still miss it. A part of my heart lies here and always will. The child that I was belongs to this place. From the barely five year old to the almost fifteen year old, she belongs here – climbing trees and running wild, blissfully content and free.

I am ready for the future, full of dreams and plans, I’m filled with excitement at the prospect of going out into the world and doing something to make a difference….

How are you all? How’s life going? Any big plans or changes happening for you guys? What does December and the new year hold for you?