Moving On

I’m sorry for my silence…I know it’s been a while. Autumn is well and truly here now and winter is definitely feeling close. Life is very cold and summer is long gone.

We’re leaving where we live in a couple of weeks. I look around me and I see my home, the only home (other than the open road) that I can remember. I see the ghosts of warm summer nights under the stars with my best friends, campfires glowing in the dark, a million mudfights, ten years worth of childhood adventures and stories. I could walk around this place blindfolded, I know it a hundred times better than any other place in the world because, for an entire decade, these woods and fields and rivers and buildings, were my world.

But life goes on and things change and now I’m leaving it behind. I’m ready to move on – we all are, but I’ll still miss it. A part of my heart lies here and always will. The child that I was belongs to this place. From the barely five year old to the almost fifteen year old, she belongs here – climbing trees and running wild, blissfully content and free.

I am ready for the future, full of dreams and plans, I’m filled with excitement at the prospect of going out into the world and doing something to make a difference….

How are you all? How’s life going? Any big plans or changes happening for you guys? What does December and the new year hold for you?Β 

39 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. Ooh, good luck!! Moving on and leaving things behind can be hard but it can also be so exciting, I’m sure everything is going to be awesome for you πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–

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  2. Silence is understandable, we all disappear for periods, I often find the need to dissolve, and I understand extra specially if you are about to go through a change.

    Are you traveling out of the reaches of the united kingdom?

    We have always moved around, so it has/is hard for me to keep consistent friends.

    I do meet people that I feel that I will

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    • Sorry, Gracie, I pressed ‘send’ instead of ‘space’.

      *keep in contact with, like you and a couple others, but I have never had friends that I see and spend time with daily other than family.

      I assume you got my (long!) email of last week or so.

      I haven’t been able to do half the things I wanted to do due to the bloody rain!

      Take good care of yourself, Gracie.
      With good care, from myself, Tom.

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    • Thanks, Tom πŸ™‚ We’re still developing our plans but I’ll definitely let you know when we’ve figured it all out. I 100% relate to that, that’s why the internet is so important. I talk to many of my friends every day – though I haven’t seen them in months or sometimes haven’t met them at all!


      • There is a lot to plan, and plan shall you with relaxed complaisance!
        Or that’s what I do/say!
        But you and your family talk a lot before making plans, don’t they?

        I know, but even with the internet I find it hard to keep friends unless I see them often, do you find this.

        I do have a one E-friend in another country, which I have not met.

        Okay, thanks, Gracie, I understand and look forward to your reply.

        P.S. I like your photography post, and will write a full view on it soon, (like I did last time!) what did you think of my “rare” photography post.

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      • Thanks, Tom. We do indeed. We talk a LOT 😁
        No, not really. I find it quite easy with all this technology – video calling, blogging, email, text, etc. Although nothing makes up for real life interaction, of course.

        Who’s that? Do I know them? πŸ™‚

        Okay, thanks, Tom. I liked your photography post, but it wouldn’t let me comment for some reason?

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      • Your welcome, Gracie girl.
        It’s good to talk a lot, we (my family) need to talk more about our plans, we (they!) are a little unorganized.
        Have your family ever thought of buying a sailing boat?

        I am not so good with technology, and many forms of online interaction are alien to me.
        I like the idea of video calling, you’ll have to show me how it works, aye!

        I always strive for real life interaction, but that is not always possible.

        Oh, someone I met in the comments section of a YouTube video of all places, he lives in Turkey, and we have known each other for around two years now, there’s a bit of a language barrier, but he speaks English, and my translator works fairly well.

        What’s the most diverse friendship you have?

        I’m, glad you liked my photos, I think they remind me of winter hibernation.
        These systems have glitches sometimes, I’ll try and find out what’s wrong with it.

        Take care, Gracie.
        And I hope you are/will sleep well, since it is nearly one in the morning, and I have all the boats to move in the morning.
        So sleep well and as will I. Love: Tom.

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      • I have tried with no avail to persuade mum and dad that sailing is the way to go, but no luck, I’m afraid πŸ˜‚ No, they would both love to sail, but neither of them have ever set foot on a sailing boat before (besides us taking them out on a topper) and I don’t think it really works with our plans at the moment, unfortunately.

        It’s easy to video call on either Skype or WhatsApp. I love talking to my friends face to face and although the signal can make it hard work, it’s really cool.

        That’s cool! I don’t think I have any friends in Turkey. However, I have friends all over the world! India, America, Scotland, Middle East, Canada, etc.

        Haha, I was fast asleep. Have fun moving boats!


      • You’ll get them hooked if they give you a chance, though it can be stressful, sailing with a family and then you always have to consider mooring or anchoring within the navigation.
        Better the devil you know, or at least that’s what some people say, I though of a better saying once but I have forgotten if, I shall try and remember it, and if I don’t then it was probably not that important!

        I’ll have to try it, I do use WhatsApp but I have not explored all its functions, I guess you use it, I shall send you a message over that service soon, perhaps we can try to use it at some point, if your up for it?

        Yes it is, I don’t often find people that I can keep in long contact with, it usually dwindles into nothing, unless we have loads in common.

        We had fun moving the boats, we moved them early and we are now all tied up in our new location of central Leighton Buzzard.

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      • Yeah, I can imagine it is stressfull. Mum would get super seasick. She feels ill just sitting on a swing!
        Okay, well, I don’t use WhatsApp much – just to talk to a few different people and video call.

        I have really close friendships with blogging friends because we have loads in common and I keep in contact with people from sailing trips because by the end of the voyage they become almost like family πŸ™‚

        Sounds good. Oo, I like Leighton Buzzard πŸ™‚


      • Yes, it is stressful, my mum is fairly good with boats and dad has no problems, brothers and sister are fine on the water too.

        Okay, I use WhatsApp mainly for inconsistent friends and Incidental friends that I know from the canal, and email consistent, continuous friends.

        Do you want to try video call at some point, Gracie?

        I only have few close friends and closest is my Canvey friend Keith which I have now known for five years yesterday.

        I should try that, maybe (defiantly) buy a yacht and find some people to crew with.

        I like most of Leighton Buzzard too, and most of Leighton Buzzard like me!

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  3. This is such a beautiful post, it’s so realistic and well written!
    I know what you mean, moving on and seeing different things, going to different places. For me, the new year holds a lot, I want to accelerate a year in my schooling and need so much from myself and the world for that. I have big plans for improving my life in the new year!
    Beautiful post, Gracie! xo

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  4. Well I love the way you have so effectively described what it’s like to experience change. To me I always imagine the shadows of all the other people used to be creeping around you – which a bit pessimistic. A really nice post – gives me that Autumnal burnished orange feel, even though Winter is here now xx

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  5. Hi Gracie yes you must think back over the last ten years this has been your home with so much going on I had some of th e happiest times there when I came to stay and I will always remember those times. But you know maybe it’s time for a change and I know wherever you go you will make a happy family life. Together. New experiences and new friends. We wish you every happiness in whatever you do xxxxx

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  6. I shifted homes just a few months ago, and though it isn’t far from where I used to live, everything somehow feels colder. My previous life was precious to me and the house I left behind holds uncountable memories of my past joys and gloom and carefree naivety. I can’t help but feel that I didn’t enjoy those times as much as I could have, but I suppose all things are meant to change, and we learn to carry on with life. πŸ™‚

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