To The Boy With Real Courage

Just had to share this xx

I saw a teenage boy at the pool with his mum and his sister today and I was like ‘aw, that’s so sweet’ that he came swimming with his family, most boys that age that I know wouldn’t even dream of doing that. So then I keep doing my lengths and when I get back to the shallow end, I see his mum getting out some bright orange armbands and suddenly he’s putting them on and I’m like ‘what?!’ because my brain was having a hard time processing this. He’s climbing into the pool and kinda visibly shaking like he’s super scared and his mum and sister are really encouraging and supporting him. He doesn’t look embarrassed at all – just terrified, but kinda super focused at the same time.

So he gets in the pool and he’s taking tiny steps and he looks really afraid, but he’s doing it and his family are helping him and he seems so determined and I’m swimming along smiling ’cause that’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in awhile. That is true courage.


45 thoughts on “To The Boy With Real Courage

  1. This is so sweet! 💜 It truly shows a lot of courage, and I couldn’t imagine any of the boys I know being like this (although, who knows?). Thank you for sharing, it’s an important reminder of what true courage & bravery is, and what it takes to not mind about what people think. Lovely post, Autumn x

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  2. This is so sweet, I love it when someone has that courage.
    And the fact that he was not embarrassed by his incompetence, but just kept going with his families support.
    I hope he’s swimming well soon and with your encouragement, he’ll be in no time.
    I wish him luck and hope his courage is undefeated.
    Keep well, and be cool?

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  3. What lovely story and so nice of you to encourage the boy rather than make fun as many would be inclined to do. There could be so many reasons why he is learning to swim at an older age from illness to lack of previous opportunity. I’m sure it meant a lot to him to have your support and we can only think of him and wish him well. Lots of love xxxx

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    • I thought his courage and determination was really inspiring and heart-warming so just had to share 🙂 And yes, exactly! You never know someone else’s circumstances. Lots of love to you too xxxx

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