Playground Swings


Playground Swings – a poem

**all photo credits to my sister**

a child’s cry
they both call me to this place of familiarity
at different times
I think it’s
the security of a soft landing
the comfort of children playing
the simplicity of just saying
or it’s the lonely poeticness of a playground when it’s empty,
the cold, quiet paradox of a place like this in silence.
and something about the way
I can always smile here

thinking out loud on playground swings,
these creaking chains are the only ones that will ever set me free,
and yet still I’m trapped,
torn back down to earth
by the limits of my wings,
I want to fly higher
and I will
never quite knowing
stomach lurching
you will catch me when I’m falling

Hood up
pulled over my face like a shadow
legs stretched to the sky
lips and mind searching for the ‘why’
in everything

my fingers are getting cold
kinda slipping
letting go
I’ve been here too long
memories burn holes
in your pocket
matches set fire to the past
then watch as flames destroy souls
and poetry is composed
and the future is all they leave us
covered in ash
so close and yet so far away

the wind blows in my face
just reminding me of its power
I rise and fall like the waves
and I can do nothing
yet I still strike out for the shore
and swim
but sometimes I am torn between
the devil and the deep blue sea
and sometimes
the mystery of the horizon
is too beautiful
and I fill the ocean with my tears
whilst the tide takes me
and I have to decide whether to fight
or to let go.

but I am stronger
I am stronger
than anyone knows
and I will sing a song
my song
and people will hear me
and they will lean over the fence and listen
and I will be a child on a playground swing again

51 thoughts on “Playground Swings

  1. On Gracie what an amazing poem it’s really one of your best. Such feelings have been bought to the surface.To think from a playground swing.The photos that are with the poem are incredible.Funny how a swing can take you back to when you were younger there is nothing quite like it for having fun..Well done xxxxx

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  2. Yay, yet another masterpiece.

    You keep coming up with them, don’t you?
    Have you ever used a dictator to aid your writing?
    I might start using one, I often find I lose track of certain points I wanted to make within my writing.

    The chain of an anchor not unlike the chain of a swing will give you freedom.
    Though mark and claim I, perhaps for different, stand both reasons.

    And if that makes sense, well then who’s to blame?

    The playground can be such a good life metaphor.

    By the way, Keith is going to start a blog page, with my assistance over Burn’s night, so hopefully, we can publicly enjoy his works!
    Take care, Gracie girl.



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    • Thank you. No, I haven’t, but I sounds like an interesting idea.
      Yessss, you’re right, the chain of an anchor works exactly the same way – the freedom of being at sea and yet the security and steadiness of anchorage! Exactly what I was going for in the swing metaphor 🙂

      Oh cool!

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  3. It might work well, I intend to do it more often.
    Is there a good programme that can translate speech to text.

    Of course, I’m right, I know YOU!!

    It works well, and you put it to it’s best use.

    You’ll be sure to follow…

    … won’t you, Gracie!

    I just posted a “Brexit” review written by Keith.
    Tell me what you think of it.

    Be, graceful girl.

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    • Yeah, sounds cool. I like to write things down, personally, I can express myself so much easier that way – rather than speaking.
      I actually have an anchor chain necklace around my neck that I never take off and it kinda symbolises a similar thing – freedom, yet security plus my love of sailing of course.

      I’ll check it out for sure 🙂


  4. GURL you’re so great at poetry! I can’t even write a verse without saying ABC it’s easy as 123 and that’s all the poet in me. 😂 Love how the pictures match along and ahh you’re so talented ❤️

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