Bye For Awhile 💙 (Rant About Life + My Message To You)

I believe in keeping things real here and so I’m going to say this – I’m leaving to drive round the UK coast in a tiny campervan living on only a tenner a day tomorrow and I’m kinda afraid. Don’t get me wrong, I’m also really, really excited. It’s gonna be an awesome experience and I hope I get the chance to make a difference in the lives of others, but there’s also something inside me that’s a bit scared…

I’m really not afraid of many things, it’s just that life can be overwhelming – especially when you feel things as deeply as I do and when everything just matters so much.

I think that’s probably the thing – I care about this SO much and I just want it work out. I guess I just have to put all of myself into this and make it work…

…. but, when I think about it, I realise that I also care about my friends and I care about home and I care about a boy that hasn’t spoken to me in weeks (story for another day). It’s just a bit confusing.

This challenge is my future. It’s my pathway to my dream of sailing and working with young people. It’s my chance to truly make a difference and inspire others to do the same and that far outweighs the anxieties of leaving and stepping outside my comfort zone. I’ve been going on about actively doing something all my life and this is my moment. I see the need for change and I can’t let anything hold me back from creating that.

In my heart, I’m a free spirit, a wanderer, I’m a rebel and a revolutionary, but I’m also a worrier and I know that I have to push through that.

Tomorrow, everything will change. I won’t be able to talk to my friends when I need them most because I’ll be busy meeting new people, I won’t be able to write my heart out and then post it on here because I’ll be focused on posting things  chon our challenge social media, I won’t be able to scroll through Pinterest for inspiration and comfort because I’ll be taking it from the world around me, I won’t be able to switch my music on when I’m feeling down or even when I just want to dance simply because I’m not gonna have wifi 😂  And – even though that scares me a little – I think its a good thing.

Life’s not easy guys, not for any of us. There’s feelings and friendships and relationships and society and who even knew how complicated all that stuff gets?! I’ve been overwhelmed by it all recently and even though this challenge is HUGE and NEW and kinda scary, it’s also an escape from all that and I’m really looking forward to focusing my energy on something else, something truly important.

So….my message to you guys….

Carry on. 

Don’t EVER give up. 

It’s clichè, but you can do this. I promise you are strong enough. 

Turn your music up loud, tie your hair up or let it down – whichever feels right.

Care about things enough to act on them, but try not to care so much that you end up hurting.

Step out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself – you might become someone even more amazing!

Build each other up, check on your friends, be honest, be there for people, ask for advice, be kind to strangers.

It’s okay to be broken, but don’t stay that way.

Don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in and do things differently. If I can, so can you 💙

Imma leave you with a quote from My Chemical Romance – yes, it’s emo, but no, it’s not dark and yes, it is amazing and beautiful and you should listen to more of it.

Because the world
Will never take my heart
You can try
You’ll never break me
I won’t explain
Or say I’m sorry
I’m unashamed
I’m gonna show my scar
Give a cheer
For all the broken
Listen here
Because it’s who we are


I feel like this post was a mess, but there you go 😂 I won’t be posting on this blog much (maybe on the odd occasion….idk yet), but you know if you ever, ever, ever are having a tough time or want someone to talk to, you can ALWAYS email me through my contact page and I’ll do my absolute best to get back to you.

If you want to, you can follow us on our challenge social media accounts. Links below 👇

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I’ll miss you all, but it’s only bye for now 💙💙



(An Eventful) Day In The Life ~ Collab With RubySky

Heyo people,

Before we jump right into this post I would like to thank my lovely friend Ruby for her patience (I’m so bad at collabs lol) and to say how much I enjoyed taking photos of my day (when I remembered 😂). Be sure to check out Ruby’s blog for her post 💙

This was one of my last days at the campsite where I live before we set off on our challenge so it was pretty hectic to say the least…

This is where I woke up ☝️Myself, my brother and sister and four of our mates slept out under the stars in our sleeping bags.

The tents were just emergency back up haha

Selfie with the sunrise ☀️

Some other friends joined us and we cooked breakfast over the fire…

We then did some work on a base that we’ve been building and jammed along to Madness, Queen and Avril Lavigne.

Me working really, really hard 😂

My brother up a tree (as usual) 🌳

As the eldest, me, my mate Benny and my bro volunteered to hide the Easter eggs for all our siblings and friends. Tbh, we just chucked most of them in the bushes, but hey, it was fun!

Benny taking hiding the eggs a liiiiitle too seriously 😂

“How many eggs did you throw up the tree?” 😂

We then played a huge game of ‘wrestleball/wrestlegoal’ (we can’t decide on a name lol). It’s a game we invented which is basically a cross between rugby, wrestling and football and has no rules. It’s very fun, but we were all so hot that afterwards we went swimming in the river 🏊‍♀️ and guess who forgot to take photos….*hides*

The whole squad 🤗✌️

Next up, my family did some planning for the challenge (we leave in under a week 🤪😁)

The tiny house/truck that we live in is parked under a woodshed and so we had to clear out that area before we leave on our challenge. I wheelbarrowed everything round to the huge campsite bins 😁

I also cleaned our pizza oven 👇


Had a shower 🚿 love a good mirror selfie 🙃

For some reason I just love taking photos of my shoes 🤷🏻‍♀️ idk I just think it’s kinda aesthetic….anyone??? 😂

I then painted a sign for a film we’ve making about packing up our campervan, Mo, for our journey around the coast of Britain (btw, most of you do, but if you have no idea what I’m talking about check out the post at the top of my homepage 😁)

Trying to make everything fit in…..these are the final preparations…😬😄

I was so tired after everything that day and ready for bed, but I had so much fun. Love my friends and gonna miss them so much, but so excited for this next chapter of my life. Bring it on!

The Opportunity To Rant/Fangirl About All Your Fav Music 😍🎶

As talked about in this post, my family and I are about to take on a challenge where we drive around the entire UK coastline to raise money for charity. That’s a LOT of driving and so we’re going to need a LOT of music…..

Music is LIFE for me and I know how amazing it feels to get the opportunity to rant about your favourite artists and songs and so that is what I’m giving you right now…..

Comment down below all the music you love! I will check it out and add it to our road trip playlist. Who know….you may even be treated to a family karaoke version….😂😉

Thanks, guys. Excited to see what you come back with 💙🤘 hopefully you like some of the same stuff as me and we can fangirl/boy together…


You Are Never Alone

Heyy, so I wrote this because turning all the pain I see in the world around me and the defiance that it makes me feel into something beautiful and raw and real is the only way it won’t consume me. I don’t want anyone to give up and I hope my words might provide some hope in the darkness of our lives and inspire others to change things.

Most importantly, remember, you are never alone. I am always here if anyone ever wants to talk 💙 just drop me a line.

The reason my family have taken on this challenge to support CatZero is because of the huge difference they make in the lives of young people. To support them and help them change lives, you can donate via our fundraising page. Link below 👇

Anyway, hope you like it 🙃

Gracie xxxx

Friday 6PM ft. Gracie

Heyy people, so I did this interview for my friend Adria for her Friday 6PM series where she talks to bloggers about the things that matter to them. She is an incredible individual and Friday 6PM is totally inspiring so please go check it out and show her some love. I really put my heart into this interview so thank you to Adria for that opportunity ❤️


Get to Know Me Questions

How would you describe yourself to a stranger?
•15 years old •Self confessed rebel & revolutionary •Sailor girl in love with the ocean. •Writer and spoken word poet •Wild child with my head permanently in the clouds •Feels and thinks wayyy too much •Night thinker – daydreamer •Fueled by aesthetics & adrenaline •Can usually be found swimming laps of a pool, up a tree with my head in a notepad or a book, drinking strong coffee, singing along to my never-ending playlist or sarcastically arguing with people for the sheer fun of it •Will dance with you at 2am •Wearer of bracelets (I have sixteen that I don’t take off) • doesn’t have the answers, but will always try to use my words and my actions to help others •Wants to work as a sailor/youth worker to pursue my passion in life and make…

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