Friday 6PM ft. Gracie

Heyy people, so I did this interview for my friend Adria for her Friday 6PM series where she talks to bloggers about the things that matter to them. She is an incredible individual and Friday 6PM is totally inspiring so please go check it out and show her some love. I really put my heart into this interview so thank you to Adria for that opportunity ❤️


Get to Know Me Questions

How would you describe yourself to a stranger?
•15 years old •Self confessed rebel & revolutionary •Sailor girl in love with the ocean. •Writer and spoken word poet •Wild child with my head permanently in the clouds •Feels and thinks wayyy too much •Night thinker – daydreamer •Fueled by aesthetics & adrenaline •Can usually be found swimming laps of a pool, up a tree with my head in a notepad or a book, drinking strong coffee, singing along to my never-ending playlist or sarcastically arguing with people for the sheer fun of it •Will dance with you at 2am •Wearer of bracelets (I have sixteen that I don’t take off) • doesn’t have the answers, but will always try to use my words and my actions to help others •Wants to work as a sailor/youth worker to pursue my passion in life and make…

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19 thoughts on “Friday 6PM ft. Gracie

  1. Oh, and another thing, you made some very good points on mental health, and we all need to open up…

    …including me, I sometimes find it hard to talk about feelings, but if I do have feelings (negative or positive) that are bothering me, I can only relive them by talking to someone, though this is not always easy to do.

    Oh, and you right on the thing about sailing!

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    • Yes, it’s really important to be able to talk to people about how we feel. I will encourage honesty and openness. I think communication, support and empathy can make all the difference.
      And yes, I know I’m right!

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      • Yes, it makes a huge difference to be open, and tell people how you feel.
        But not solely for emotional justification.

        So I always try to be open, but humans are complicated and it’s not always easy.

        Oh, and you are right about that, but don’t forget cycling!

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