You Are Never Alone

Heyy, so I wrote this because turning all the pain I see in the world around me and the defiance that it makes me feel into something beautiful and raw and real is the only way it won’t consume me. I don’t want anyone to give up and I hope my words might provide some hope in the darkness of our lives and inspire others to change things.

Most importantly, remember, you are never alone. I am always here if anyone everΒ wants to talk πŸ’™ just drop me a line.

The reason my family have taken on this challenge to support CatZero is because of the huge difference they make in the lives of young people. To support them and help them change lives, you can donate via our fundraising page. Link below πŸ‘‡

Anyway, hope you like it πŸ™ƒ

Gracie xxxx

30 thoughts on “You Are Never Alone

  1. This is really good, so full of honest feeling.

    I feel compelled by your work, so please don’t ever stop.

    I would like to think I care as much as you, but sometimes I feel that I am not able to do enough, or maybe I’m selfish, maybe I can but I don’t because I might not get anything out of it.
    I’m probably just thinking negatively.

    Do you think I’m selfish in any way, Gracie?

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    • I’m really glad you liked it, Tom, I did put a lot of myself into this. I’m think we can all be selfish at times, but if you truly care about others (which I believe you do), you’ve just got to do your best to do the right thing for yourself and for them.


      • You are welcome, and it is obvious that you put a lot into it…

        …for it is very good.

        Yes, we all can be selfish, and I think that if you recognize it then you are one step closer to being compassionately balanced.

        And thank you for reassuring me, you make me feel a little uplifted, thank you, Gracie girl.

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  2. Wow. Just… wow. That was so raw and passionate and so, so powerful and so, so beautiful and I loved every single minute. You speak with such passion, it’s beautiful to hear. You’re such an inspiration 😊 I loved it so much 😍😍

    ( also, totally unrelated but I think I have those exact same dungarees? They’re my faves πŸ˜‚)

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  3. This is so beautiful, Gracie. It’s so raw and beautiful and amazing and there’s just so much passion in your voice. Keep going with the amazing work, Gracie! xo

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  4. As I said I can’t write a comment.I was so taken back by you are never alone. Just words.Inspirational. Beautiful. Powerful. Amazing. Fantastic.Gripping and many more. Well Well done xxxxx

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  5. Oh my god, I remember listening to this just a little after you posted, and I don’t know why I didn’t comment straight away but I listened to this over and over that night and I don’t rem\ember but I probably cried and thank you for your words, Gracie, they were there when I needed them the most.

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      • Im not great at giving advice, but feel free to ask. Or just hang aroud here – the blogosphere is such a friendly, supportive place and its easy to make friends with likeminded people 😊


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