One Month Into ‘Round The UK On A Tenner A Day’ (Life Update + Q&A!!)

Hiya people,


I am pleased to announce that I am still very much alive. I am almost one month into my family’s challenge of ‘Round The UK On A Tenner A Day’ where we are driving round the entire UK coastline living on only £10 a day to raise money for CatZero, a charity I believe in with all of my revolutionary heart. You can read more about all the deets of the challenge *here*


So yeah, life update… wow. Where do I even start?? Living on the road in our tiny tiny tiny campervan has definitely been a challenge (duh), but it’s also been absolutely and overwhelmingly incredible. I have experienced so much and changed so much as a person in the last month or so.


As we have travelled from Hull – NE England for all of you who are international or just bad at geography (me too guys me too) – to North East Scotland, I have learnt that if you get out there and look for opportunities, they are absolutely, 100% out there. If you get off your backside and go and do something to make a difference, suddenly there are people all around you who are doing the same and are more than willing to support you.


There are SO many good people doing INCREDIBLY positive things to bring people together and change lives in their communities. We have been really lucky to meet them and be able to see what they’re doing and find out their stories. And people have been so supportive and generous towards us and our challenge as well.


New friends :))

So the main thing i’ve learned from this month so far is that if you take that brave step to do something (even something really small) to make a difference then YOU WILL NOT BE ALONE.


That is my challenge to you. It will be a struggle…there will be ups and downs….but you can do this. If you want to, you can change things….those ideas can become reality.

Me and my crazy bro and sis

Look at me, I’m driving round the frikkin’ country living on only a tenner a day, for goodness sake. It sounds crazy, but it’s changing my life and hopefully the money we raise will change lives and the awareness we raise for other people making a difference as we go will change lives too.


As I said, there are ups and downs to all things in life, including this trip. It’s hard and its daunting and it gets me down sometimes, but a wise person once told me that when it gets hard you have to remember why you’re doing it and tbh I have no shortage of people to remind me.


Me looking shattered

I have become so much more confident around people on this trip (and I was pretty confident to start with lol), I’ve learnt about true community and community spirit and what it looks like, I’m *learning* the skill of social media and I’ve become more practical too (guys I fixed a bench that’s kinda a big deal for me okay???)

I couldn’t post this without mentioning CatZero. CatZero mean SO much to me <33 They are completely changing the lives of so many people in need and giving them so much of a brighter future. We started our journey with CatZero and seeing the incredible transformation of the people they’ve helped for myself and then these people’s desire to give back the love they received is so inspiring.


We also got to go sailing and asdfghjkl I can’t tell how how much I loved that *grins madly*


If you’d like to know more about what we’ve been up to and to follow our journey, please follow us on FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube – we’re called Round The UK On A Tenner A Day.


We saw dolphinssss

Now, Q&A TIME!!! Idk. At first I just wanted to give you guys the opportunity to ask me anything you wanna know about the challenge and then I was like ‘ya know I just really fancy doin a Q&A’ so here you go! Ask away…anything ya like!


I’m sorry if I don’t do an answer post that soon ’cause I’m really really mega busy, but I’ll do my best and it will be with you asap, K?


Just to finish off, I wanna remind you all that I am always here for anyone that wants to talk about anything. Lol I’m so bad at advice, but I’m always down for listening 🙂


Love ya guys. Vive la revolution.