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Over burning, revolutionary red, today Sudan paints blue,

Though it hurts to hold the paintbrush, they must show the world the truth.

Though the red blood runs in the streets and holds the power in its hands,

They scream for peace, their fists held high,

We say #BlueForSudan

We can’t stop their suffering, but we are not entirely powerless. Use your blog/social media to raise awareness of what’s happening in Sudan and to show them that they are not alone #BlueForSudan #PaintSudanBlue

24 thoughts on “#BlueForSudan

    • It really is :/ it’s so hard to know what you can do to help but hopefully raising awareness and standing in solidarity with the Sudanese protesters/civilians makes some difference and that the violence stops soon xx

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  1. I still can’t seem to find out what the civilians are protesting and what the revolution is about. The bloodshed is awful, but I want to know what I’m standing with them for.


    • Thanks so much for commenting, Libby! I don’t know how much you’re aware of about the whole situation, but here’s a bit of background from my understanding πŸ™‚
      In April the dictater of Sudan was removed from his position of power after 30 years of dictatorship. This was due to the protests (led by a lot of professionals like doctors, teachers, lawyers, students, etc) campaigning for a civilian led government because of the oppression and chaos dictatorship had led them into. However, after the leader was removed, military powers have taken over the government and are refusing to keep the agreements they had with the citizens/protesters. They also turned on the campaigners just for peacefully protesting and that’s where all the bloodshed and violence has broken out.
      This is just what I’ve read and my understanding which is very limited so I would suggest if you’re interested to read more articles/perspectives online or in social media. Thanks again for commenting, lovely xx

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  2. I cannot believe how such a powerful country and its people fell.. the people of sudan, and mattar deserve the world. I’ll totally share this as much as possible, in hopes that we can help to affect change. thank you xx.


    • It is really terrible and hopefully the situation improves as soon as possible. In the meantime, I just hope our voices can make some small difference πŸ™‚ if you could share that would be great xxx thank you lovely xxx

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  3. What’s happening in Sudan is absolutely horrible, and it’s so upsetting that the media is largely refusing to cover it 😦 But seeing so many people, especially teenagers, across so many social media platforms pulling together in support is honestly inspiring, maybe there is hope for humanity after all ❀

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