It’s time for change: The Cultural Genocide of Uighur Muslims in China – ft Bayance

Is this what our world has become? Do you want to live in a world that values financial gain over humanity? HUMAN LIVES? We’ve got to start changing things NOW, in our own communities, all over the world. We’ve got to start making steps towards something better, FOR US ALL. We’ve got to stand up and shout ‘THIS IS NOT THE WORLD WE WANT TO LIVE IN!!’ It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed and powerless, but you’re not. Even just one small act of kindness, positivity, acceptance or sharing goes a long way. So I challenge you to do that today, do one thing to rebel against this crazy, messed up world and then comment below and tell me what it was. REBEL, PEOPLE, REBEL!

Take a step outside your comfort zone, go talk to someone who looks lonely, message your friend who’s been feeling down, get on your computer and research what community projects are going on where you live (then bake a cake and take it down to them) or write a post online about something you really believe in, tell someone you care about them, get to know someone who’s completely different to you, be creative!! We’ve all got to come together to conquer all this negativity. What will you do?

Aqsa Says What?

Hello everyone! I hope that all of you are doing well. Around a week ago, I reached out to my fellow blogger Bayance regarding a recent topic that I feel the need to speak up about. We both created posts that talk about the cultural genocide in China of the Uighur Muslim’s being thrown into concentration camps. I decided to write my post around a poem I wrote about the situation, while Bayance wrote a very informative post that I highly recommend to everyone, as it contains all of the recent details and historical evidence you need to know about what the Uighur’s are going through. Check it out here!

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15 thoughts on “It’s time for change: The Cultural Genocide of Uighur Muslims in China – ft Bayance

  1. Gracie. That was such a powerful message – we NEED more people like you in the world! Like, it was so sad to read that post but it does open people’s eyes to the fact we DO need change. It’s come to the point where I just hear news about everything that’s going wrong in the world and it’s devastating! I truly believe that people need to hear about the good that people can do – such as what you and your family are doing right now, I believe that people need more motivation to stand for change! And that was such a motivational message up there. We can’t just stay like this! Again, such a great message xx

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    • Sarah, sista, thank you for this comment. It is heartbreaking, but there is so much we can do!! And there is so much we NEED to do. I hope people are motivated and overwhelmed by the negativity in the world. There is good out there and we can be a part of it. Thanks again. lots of love xx

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  2. All I’m going to say is #gracieforpresident. Or you know having your own Tedtalk would be good ass well. Gracie, what i love most about you is your passion about everything and everyone around you. Sometimes I forget you’re only 15 and most people your age aren’t as mature as you.
    And wow I sound like one of those proud moms or something but it’s true. Just… keep doingg what you’re doing. I think something that I did that’s bennifitual for this’s community is honestly creating this blog as crazy as it sounds. It’s… my passion.

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  3. This is a good heart. This is a brave human. Thank you so much for raising awareness and calling to action! I loved all the things you listed here. There’s so much we can do but when are we gonna stop trivializing the small opportunities and actually take action to lead to bigger ones? Love this!

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  4. There are lakhs of Indians protesting in India including me right now, to not let its secular country turn into a dictator or communist country. Just imagine they are building detention camps, there are new laws enforced where only people with certain religious faith will be called citizens, and there are internet shutdowns, they are snatching our right to protest, right to information and infact they passed a bill where they can take anybody into custody under mere suspicion of terrorist. Infact the PM tells in a speech, the troublemakers can be recognized with the way dress (addressing muslims). Never the less, Indians are protesting and I am so happy about the fact, at least the people are raising their voice for humanity. wtf is even happening.

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