International Make A Difference In A Positive Way Day (yes I made that up), Short Story & SURPRISE BLOG PARTY For My Best Friend

Heyyy there people, bet you didn’t think I’d be back that quick, huh? Gracie? Post twice in less than two weeks? Unheard of. No way.

Well, today’s post is a little different guys. It might have something to do with the fact that it’s OCTOBER THE 4TH and I’ve been looking forward to OCTOBER THE 4TH for ages and CAN YOU TELL I’M EXTREMELY EXCITED THAT IT’S OCTOBER 4TH? 


As I was saying, this post is a bit different. Usually this blog is used to share my ramblings on the world, on life, on the future and on the challenge my family & I have taken on to try and make a difference. People often tell me that my posts make them think or give them a new perspective or make them feel empowered or less alone and I’m honoured because that is EXACTLY what I want my presence in the blogosphere to do. 


Sometimes we all get a lil busy changing the world and rebelling against societal norms that we forget that we’re supposed to be young people living life and having a good time. We forget to celebrate all the huge positives in our lives. 

So today, as it’s October 4th, I want to celebrate one of the HUGEST positives in my life – my best friend. Adria.

We’re starting with this photo and getting cringier bc what kind of best friend would I be if I only posted sensible photos, right?! Watch out for horrible photos of me popping up all over the internet as she gets her revenge uh oh

There are literally no words to express how much my best friend means to me, but as it’s her 15th birthday, OCTOBER 4TH, I’m throwing her a surprise party. 

That’s right – a surprise party and YOU are invited! This party is for all of us and it’s all about celebrating the positives in our lives. 

So go comment down below – 

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADRIA!! (plus give her all your cake)
  • A positive in your life/something that needs celebrating/means a lot to you
  • Either something you could do to share that thing with others or something you have (a skill or passion) that you could use to make a positive difference in someone else’s life. 

Then get interacting, people! Say hi, exchange ideas, celebrate each other as well as my gorgeous best friend. In her honour, I am naming October 4th International Change The World In A Positive Way Day haha

Being our cringey selves on FaceTime ❤ THE best times


But before you go, I have one more thing to share! I was firing random writing prompts at Adria the other day and this one about someone who goes to prison because they did something wrong and a loved one who campaigns for justice just popped into my head so I decided to write a short story based on it as part of her present…here goes….

This is a short story that I was inspired to write as a young person who wants more than anything to stand up for her generation and it’s dedicated to one of the most passionate young people I know….who also happens to be my best friend and actual twin. 


Light The Way

The sirens screamed in the distance. We both knew exactly who they were looking for. Ali turned to me, eyes burning with an intensity somewhere between determination, anger and sadness. I knew then what he was going to do.

Half of me wanted to run from this nightmare, run far away and never come back.  The other half wanted to throw myself between him and then and protect him until it was my blood at his feet. 

“That’s not who you are.” I told him, but it sounded more like a question. My whole body shook, every molecule pleading with him to turn around and walk away. “You have to show them. You have to tell them….something…you have to make this stop.” 

He smiled as if it physically hurt him to do so. “Maybe it’s not who I am, but it always was who I was destined to be. You know no one can change that. It just is what it is. This is the right thing to do, Nancy, and I’ll be okay, I promise. Don’t worry about me.”

“I love you” I whispered.

He grinned, and I remember wondering how he could do that when every part of my being throbbed with pain. 

“I know” 

“But I never said…” 

“Oh baby, you didn’t have to. There’s a way you look at someone when you love them. A way you say their name. I know that because I love someone too, and I sure hope she knows it. Nancy, you’ve gotta be strong, okay? For me and for everyone here.” Only then did his voice start to break. “You’ve gotta -” he stopped, a single tear running fast down his cheek. 

I reached up to wipe it off and smiled up at him. “You think this is the end, Ali? I will fight for you. Damn, I will fight for us all. Now go…let’s both do the right thing.” 

He walked away and I watched him go. The blue, flashing lights lit the way. 

Five Years Later

“The arrest of then seventeen year old Ali Johnson for theft and various alcohol, drug and gang related charges, took place five years ago to this day. Now, the 22-year-old is due to be released from HMP Brixton after serving his five year sentence. Johnson will be warmly welcomed back by many, but none more than childhood friend and activist Nancy Jones. Miss Jones has spent the last half a decade fighting for the futures of the young people in her local South London neighbourhood and, from his prison cell, Johnson has been her biggest supporter. With his help, the 21-year-old has made a hugely positive impact on the lives of many young people and greatly reduced the crime and violence rates of her community.” 

 “I love you” were the first words he said to me as he stepped outside as a free man for the first time since we were both teenagers. 

I stared out at the crowds waiting to meet us, a tiny smile threatening to break out across my lips “I know”

We stood side by side on the steps up to the prison and looked out at the colourful sea of people before us. It seemed like the whole of London had turned out. There was a murmur and then total silence, broken only by the distant traffic. I took a deep breath.

“We believe in young people choosing their own destinies. Why should where we come from limit our right to dream?” I shouted. My words were met by a roar of agreement and approval. 

“People like Nancy here light the way for us all” Ali spoke up “Take the opportunity to change and be who you are, not who society tells you to be. We will not be limited by the place we call home. The people we share our lives with will not watch those same lives be thrown away.” he turned around to point to the prison buildings behind him. 

“Our communities are special.” I continued, “They are what make us who we are, they are beautiful and unique and that is why we cannot let them stay like this. At the moment, that beauty is buried under a layer of dark and dirt and our young people are starting to forget what it looks like underneath.”

The energy that had been building up erupted and the crowd went crazy. 

“Look,” I fought to be heard over the noise. “it won’t be easy, maybe no one will listen to us, maybe no one will help us, but we’ve got to try! We’ve got to create a brighter future for us all!” 

Ali looked at me and smiled. “I think we did the right thing,” he said. 

I grinned. “Me too.” 


NOW go comment down below – 


  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADRIA!! (and give her all your cake duh)
  • A positive in your life/something that needs celebrating/means a lot to you
  • Either something you could do to share that thing with others or something you have (a skill or passion) that could make a positive difference in someone else’s life.


84 thoughts on “International Make A Difference In A Positive Way Day (yes I made that up), Short Story & SURPRISE BLOG PARTY For My Best Friend


    Liked by 2 people

    aww, what a sweet thing to do, Gracie. and for a positive in my life… you’re such a positive person dear… def someone that’s really helped me be more optimistic. so yeah, my answer is you, haha. 🙂
    ok, my answer to that last point…hmm… i’m saying the arts. for instance, writing a song or creating a story to let others use can be a really useful tool to reach other to others. the arts can change lives so why not use our talents to make a difference? idk if that’s the kinda answer you were looking for XD.
    GRACIE, THAT STORY!!!!! me loves it! well done! *applauds* sorry, this comment is getting waayy too long. Happy bday again, Adria!!! xx

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Gracie!!! Bro I don’t come on here anymore because of school and other commitments, but I had to come and read this!!! First off, i have so many questions about that story. As you know, South London is a neighborhood that I’m passionate about and is somewhere I’d like to advocate for Because of the way that’s portrayed in the media. I’m assuming this plot is about a minority that got falsely acused for something he didn’t do?
    One positive moment i had in my life was meeting my best friend. Who i havn’et met in person yet. She, like Audria lives in S.A. And yes I know she doesn’t live there anymore now!!! But meeting her on Twitter was the best moment of my life. And hopefully one day i can be more than friends wiht her. Also happy birth day Audria!!! Sksksk

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jadeeeee thank you for coming to this partyyy. It wouldn’t be the same without you, trust me haha. There are some areas that are renowned for their violence and crime, but the strength of the community and the culture is often overlooked. Young people, like the guy in my story, often have no choice but to get involved in trouble. They’re not bad people at all, but they fall in with the wrong crowd.

      Internet best friends are honestly THE BEST ❤ xxxx thanks again my lovelyyyy

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Um here it goes.
    “Yousef can you understand me?”
    Should I tell her that English is my 4th language or should i just let her figure it out on her own? She’s wearing a violet skirt, and a violet shirt with red flowers, paired with a bright a head band that’s keeping her blonde hair back.
    In contrast, I’m wearing a blue button downe shirt, and black jeans, with leather boots.
    “Yeah I understand you. But don’t fucking think that I’m answering you.” She shuffles her papers on her desk and raises her eyebrows.
    “I understand htat talking about your cultural experiences might be difficult for you but we’re all here to help you and know one can accomplish that if you’ll not willing to answer our questions.

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  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADRIA!!! *whips off a cloth from a table to behold shining cakes with magic sparkling music in the background and a spotlight hitting all of them*
    Have an awesome day!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sending LOADS and LOADS of cakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*
    Oh my gosh Gracie this is SO SWEET!! You are such a great friend- Adria must be so happy to have you in her life! For me definitely a positive force in my life is my mom and my amazing friends x They give me the courage to keep going, along with the rest of my family and friends 🙂
    Ooh I’d actually love to talk to you about some ideas I have- would you be willing to text?

    Liked by 1 person

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