questions for when you’re sad

Go check out my best friends new blog ❤ crazy proud of her for having the courage to start over and for always being true to herself. Also, whilst I'm here lol, thought of the day inspired by conversations with several friends….if something's not our problem until it becomes our problem and then we're shouting about it and demanding change, how do we reverse that attitude? Things will affect all of us eventually, we all have a role in shaping the society we want to live in.


Hi loves,

I was looking through my notes app the other day when I saw this list of questions I’d got off of tumblr or something and thought I’d answer them as a kind of get to know you. This isn’t my first time having a blog which is why the posts prior to this one might look familiar but I felt like a needed a change and that I’d outgrown that space so here I am.

I think it’s super easy to feel like you have to remain a certain way when you’ve been perceived as a specific type of person for so long. I mean I did the whole mental debate thing for like two hours before I kinda yelled at myself and said something along the lines of ‘I don’t actually care’. Which is classic of me but also made me want to scream because I can…

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