Sowing Seeds: The Project – Send Messages Of Support + Friendship To People Struggling During Lockdown

Hey all ✨  My family and I have just launched our new project and we need you to get onboard!

On our challenge of driving round the coastline of the UK living on a tenner a day, we spent time with some incredible projects who are at the heart of their local communities – supporting elderly people, people struggling with their mental health, young carers, families with whose kids have additional needs, etc. These community projects are relied on by many as a place to support one another and be supported, but of course the virus has thrown a spanner in the works and many people’s lifelines have suddenly been cut off, leaving them isolated and really struggling.

We’ve teamed up with some of these amazing community projects, and are still looking to team up with many more, to start Sowing Seeds, a project all about sowing seeds of hope, offering a hand of friendship to the families and individuals these projects support and showing that there are people all over the country who care.

As a gesture of friendship, we’re going to be sending out sprouting jars – a garden on the windowsill – filled with seeds, goodies and things to keep you busy, because watching a seed grow into something you can eat is such a positive and exciting experience for all ages and shouldn’t be limited by your circumstances. The jars will also be full of messages of support, unity and human connection from us and from anyone who wants to show that they care.

You can send us a message (long or short) via email ( social media (we’re one life share it on Facebook and Instagram or you can DM me on insta at gracie.chick) and we’ll write it out and pop it in one of the jars. If you’re UK based, you can send a letter/drawing in the post. Our address is – Wapsbourne Manor, Sheffield Park, Uckfield, East Sussex, TN22 3QT

We’ve also set up a Go Fund Me page where you can sponsor a jar, all in all they cost £15 each but you can donate any amount from £1 to £1000 and it will all go towards delivering parcels full of goodies and messages of friendship to doorsteps all over the UK.

We’re all isolated, but that doesn’t mean anyone should have to feel alone. We can beat this together. Please get onboard and show you care. Also SHARE SHARE SHARE with all your friends and family!!

To find out more about us as a family, our challenge and some of the awesome community projects we’ve connected with, go check out our website here – CLICK HERE


This is what some of the jars will look like 👇👇

Cant wait to receive all your messages of friendship and support to those finding lockdown really tough!! Thank you so much guys. Take care xx





26 thoughts on “Sowing Seeds: The Project – Send Messages Of Support + Friendship To People Struggling During Lockdown

  1. THIS IS SO AMAZING OH MY GOSH. ITS FAAAAB. (Honestly, awestruck❤)

    I’m all up for it. But I’m a bit confused about the messages part. Can I write a message of support etc and send it to you, and that’ll be put inside any one of the jars randomly? XX

    Liked by 1 person

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