Dry Your Tears, We’ll Make It Better Together

Story time peeps. 

So the other day I did an Instagram takeover for an organisation empowering young people to create change in their local neighbourhoods and play a role in building community. I’d never done a takeover before and I was kinda a tiny bit nervous, but at the same time really excited to collaborate and get my message out there. 

In the days beforehand, I put together such a detailed plan, brainstormed, wrote out all the little videos that I was going to make, the main issues and points I wanted to address. Then the day came and the time zones got mixed up, it was pouring with rain, my phone kept dying and the signal was rubbish because of the weather- all my carefully laid plans were ruined. I spent most of the day in stressed-out, frustrated, messy tears not just because of this situation but because of a million and one things going on in my life that reared up and overwhelmed me when I was feeling vulnerable. 

However, I dried my tears, splashed my face with cold water and made an upbeat video outlining all the powerful, well orchestrated points I’d planned out, I examined my eyes in the mirror to make sure they weren’t too puffy and recorded a message talking about our project, the motivation behind it and what a positive impact it was having. I smiled and I laughed and I made jokes and then I turned the camera off and cried a bit more until my mum made me a cup of tea and forced me to eat a dark chocolate kit kat (which helped. a lot) 

When we look at social media, we see exactly what the person who put that content out there wanted us to see. The content they carefully selected and edited, often cutting out all the ‘not so pleasant bits’. The whole “social media is a highlight reel blah blah blah” thing is so familiar that it almost loses its meaning, but take a minute to really think about that because it’s so so true. 

My point is, we need to start creating more spaces in society, and on social media too, where it’s perfectly acceptable to be vulnerable and real and raw and unedited and show your emotions, whether that’s anger, joy, sadness, frustration or excitement, and know that people will support you. 

Thanks for these Pinterest :))

No one ever achieved anything amazing without struggling A LOT so don’t be ashamed to say you had a bad day. We can’t expect turning the world upside down to be easy. Damn, we can’t even expect everyday life to be easy. Life is full of challenges that we will only overcome if we work together and support one another. 

Social media can be such a positive resource, but it can also pit us against each other in a constant and toxic game of comparison. We can’t fall into that trap. Instead, let’s use our platforms to build each other up and support each other. 

That’s why I wanted to share my story about the takeover here today. If I hadn’t, you’d have assumed it went smoothly and that it was completely stress free and I knew exactly what I was doing. I can imagine that if you’d spent your day crying, watching my takeover would make you feel even more alone. Well, guess what, honey? I cried all day too, wipe your tears, let’s talk about this and make it better together. 

Love to you all 💪 Talk to me about your experiences of this in the comments xx

11 thoughts on “Dry Your Tears, We’ll Make It Better Together

  1. dear gracie,
    you were and are really brave
    yes to all of this just yes
    yesterday i had a mini panic attack and walked around the house screaming
    sometimes it’s like that
    and that’s okay
    and this comment was useless
    but i hope it was a little bit okay too

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    • I love how we’re always like ‘yes just YES’ to each others writing. Like that is legit all I can think when I read your posts. And yes this comment was most definitely okay ❤️ So much love xx


  2. Just a couple days before the pandemic began to really affect our lives, my aunt and cousins came to stay at our place. They meant to spend just a few weeks and head back, but ended up staying three months. I have no siblings, and I live a sheltered life with a small family. But sharing my life with them for the past three months has made me realise so much about myself. How sometimes, even though I spend so much time in my own company, people matter so much to me. It was unexpected, but I’ve started to live a little more vividly, laugh a bit more every day, and cherish people who matter to me. Being quarantined just made understand the value of so many things I take for granted.
    Your tears are mine too, and I’ve felt that vulnerability so strongly that sometimes it suffocates me. But you’re right, we do make it better together. We’ll make it through this together. I guess I just needed a reminder.
    Love ya xx

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  3. That’s so brave!! I totally agree, what we put out on social media is what we want people to see, they can’t see the hours before when you were crying your eyes out or losing your temper 😔 Well done wiping away your tears, that is just amazing! I’m so proud of you for still sending out your video 😊 I’m sure you utterly swayed it! If I end up crying before school for some reason when I get to school I’ll have a smile on my face even though I feel really sad you know? It’s just so easy to mask our emotions that to be raw and vulnerable 😞 Grace this was beautiful again! 💖

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    • Thank you so much, but I don’t know about brave, I just want people to know that it’s okay to show your emotions and that they can be really powerful. It’s so important that we support each other! Sending you sooo much love xxx

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      • Aw anytime! I totally agree, our emotions are a part of ourselves and if we don’t let people see them then they will never truly know who we are 💖 Sending you so much love back 🙂 xx

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  4. Oh goshhh. What is it that you honestly do? You really have it in you, you know? To instantly flash some happiness inside people and throw strength and positivity- that’s not just transitory but so bloody meaningful.

    The reason I feel overwhelmed with this piece is because I’d been experiencing a bit of it very recently. But really, not knowing how to share any of it at all. I tried hard but well, I just finally binned the draft today. I’m awestruck at how well you narrated all this. You’re honestly brave and I feel very privileged to have you as a friend. (100% honest🙂❤❤)
    Hugs to you!💕💕🤗

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  5. Aww, thanks for sharing this!! I’m sorry that your plans were all ruined but, you did it girl!!❤️
    I’m not very active on social media but, I do dislike how we all need to be “ perfect” when we post something. Most of us go though so much and deal with pain and anger and hurt but, on social media all that is seen is the feigned happiness. Hahah, okay I’m not saying everything is feigned but that sometimes people try to cover their sadness! 😂Social media should be used to spread positivity and make people smile but also to allow people to be themselves.

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