About Me

If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea,
I’ll sail the world to find you
If you ever find yourself lost in the dark and you can’t see,
I’ll be the light to guide you ~ Count On Me

•16 years old • Freethinking •Sailor •Writer, spoken word poet and strong believer in the power of community and human connection •Advocate for young voices •TEDx Speaker 2020 •Wild child with her head permanently in the clouds  •Can usually be found swimming laps of a pool, up a tree with her head in a notepad or a book, singing along to her never-ending playlist or passionately advocating for the things that matter most to her •Will most definitely dance with you at 2am •Dungarees, avocados, punk music and Dead Poets Society are LIFE •Wants to make a difference in the lives and futures of her generation 



The words you’ll find here are simply me trying to be ‘a light in the darkness’. It’s not easy, but I try 💙 Always here if anyone ever wants to talk, drop me a line through my ‘Wanna Talk?’ page and I’ll get back to ya as soon as I can.

I hope you enjoy my blog an are guided by my light…

167 thoughts on “About Me

      • Hi Gracie, Wow, you are a beautiful and talented soul and I can see you are a very bright light in this world. I imagined you were more mature while reading your writing. I would love a few tips on setting up my site, so if you don’t mind I will come back later – so tired after big day. I know I will enjoy following you. Goodnight from Australia Gracie! Next time I will introduce myself properly, take care, Wendy

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      • Hi Wendy,
        Thank you so so so much! That means everything to me. Of course! I would enjoy to help you with anything you’d like, though I must say that I am definitely no expert. I’m glad you enjoy my blog!

        I will look forward to hearing from you again and recieving a proper introduction! Thanks again!

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      • Hello Gracie,
        My name is Wendy and I live in beautiful Australia. I am originally from New Zealand, my heart-home which is also stunningly beautiful. I am a passionate writer, poetry is my love and art is another thing I dabble in. I too won a poetry contest with a poem I wrote at 13 years old…” My Mother at War”, I would love to share it with you, if you would like?
        It sounds like an educational adventure you are having, that is so cool.
        I am much older than you, in fact, I have a Granddaughter not much older than you. hope this gives you a better idea of me? I am a good soul who loves nature, travelling and music and, of course, writing, Lol
        I cannot work out how to share my work on this reader page, can you please try and explain it to me? I am stuck… I did it by fluke once… Thank you, Gracie, keep your light shining bright… Hope you have had a terrific day. +WendyEmpathic Tigress (G+)

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      • What a beautiful introduction, Wendy! I feel as if I know you quite well now. I would love to read your poem.

        As for your little problem, it is quite a simple one to solve. Everyone has their own reader page on the WordPress website and any posts from blogs they follow will automatically appear on it. So, anyone who follows your blog will see any posts you publish on their personal reader. Hope that helps. xxx

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      • Hi Gracie, How are you today? I hope your day has been wonderful. I shared “My Mother At War” but I wish I could have just shared it with you, but don’t yet know how… Lol I am getting the gist now though. I am great with computers and the jargon, that’s helpful, we will talk soon, Take care of you, Wendy – Hope you like it, I was your age when I wrote it…

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      • I’m fine, thank you. Where did you share your poem? Was it on your blog? I can’t seem to find it. Do you know how to share the link with me? I’ll look forward to reading it.


      • Hi Gracie, I will try and figure the link out, although if you don’t mind, can you tell me in a couple of sentences… I am good at following instructions and once I learn something I don’t easily forget.
        What part of our beautiful world do you live in Gracie Just the country? You have a very wise Father, he sounds like fun too. I lost my Father last year and we were very close, you are blessed to spend time together with your family. Have a great day Gracie, full of inspiration. Wendy x – I will check out link…

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      • Hi Gracie, please don’t ever worry about replying quickly, because I understand how busy you must be with school and the end of year school celebrations etc, not to mention your family life and friends. I don’t want you to feel pressured for any reason. Thanks for letting me know you got the email.
        Oh that’s great that you live in the UK as my Mother’s side is English and Father’s side is Irish.

        Have a wonderful week Gracie and we will talk soon aye… Wendy Phelan

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  1. Hi Gracie,

    Met you and your family briefly at Andy’s heritage wheat harvest the other week! I just heard about your blog and have really enjoyed reading your entries about the wheat harvest experience, and other things! It’s really inspiring to see what you’ve done here – keep up the great work!

    Best wishes to you all!



  2. I am really impressed with your blog, it is interesting and we’ll written. It makes me think that homeschooling is a great path to follow.


  3. Gracie! I think you might be about to move off from our mooring in Little Venice and am SO glad to have met you all on your magical boat. Thanks to your Mum and Dad for their lovely welcome to my friend Sue and I the other day when we stopped by. Truly you and Irys and Evan and your parents are quite the most interesting people to have passed this way in 43 years!! I think that’s some kind of a record. Looking forward to following you – if I can manage the technology- (I dont do Twitter or any other, so I hope it works for us dinosaurs too.) Meanwhile, thank you for your light and good luck to you all. Faith


  4. I’m 11 too! I’m an Animal LOVER!!! 😀 I really like your blog! I like Camo, animals, by binoculars, and lots of other things! I have 20 animals! 😀 Do you have any animals!?


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  6. I’ve just followed your blog via email, so you will now have my email. If you want to send me yours, I can email the guest post through. No need to publish this comment, sorry, I should have included this in the last comment but only just thought of it.


  7. Goodness.. you’re twelve? That’s epic, mate! I read through your posts and loved the person behind the keyboard and knowing that you’re so young and yet so exceptionally talented, I can’t help but admire you even more now. A wonderful blog you have here and one that I definitely look forward to following xx


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  9. Hey,

    I thought having a ‘poetry’ guest post would be pretty cool. I also have this collab with another blogger. As March 8th is women’s day, I wanted to have a few posts on what it is like to be a girl/women living in your respective country. If you would like to write a post on this topic for my blog, I would really appreciate it!

    Thank you,

    P.S, you can contact me at chithrachalla@gmail.com

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    • Hi Chithra!

      I’m really sorry for not replying to your comment sooner. I’ve been really busy lately. Writing a guest post for you is something I’d really love to do, but seeing as today is International Women’s Day, I’m not sure I’ll be able to get a post about that to you.

      I thought that your poetry idea was great. I love writing poetry and I’d really enjoy to write a piece for your blog. If you could give me a little while, I’ll email it to you!

      Let me know what you think. Thanks for inviting me to write a guest blog for you, I can’t wait!

      Gracie 🙂


  10. Hey Gracie!

    That’s perfectly alright 🙂 I am actually compiling many different articles and poems on ‘what it’s like to be a teen girl living in the 21st century’. I was planning to post them all throughout the month. If you’re still interested then I would love to wait for your post until the end of the month. Otherwise, you could do a poetry post if you’d like! I’d love to see what you have to write.

    Looking forward to your write-up


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  13. Hey! I was looking through your blog, and guess what? I’m homeschooling too! It’s wonderful to come across a fellow homeschooling blogger.

    I was wondering if you could help me figure out this “blog button-swap” concept better…
    Here’s my email-id: t.e.pyrus@gmail.com

    (PS – You don’t have to publish this comment. Thanks! ^_^ )

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  19. I at first thought you were a Christian, because “a light in the darkness” is one of my life’s purpose as a Christian! But being a light in the darkness is a noble endeavor for everybody. 🙂

    And I am one year older than you, although I turn fifteen soon! 😀
    I’m also homeschooled like you. ^_^

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    • I guess the words could refer to a lot of things. I have been inspired to be ‘a light in the darkness’ by many people, some Christians. I was named after the daughter of the missionary Hudson Taylor. Have you heard of him? And yes! I totally agree, it’s a great purpose for anyone whatever their belief.

      I turn fourteen soon too! When is your birthday, if you don’t mind me asking. Mine is in January. 😀 And yay for homeschoolers!

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      • That’s awesome. You might come across mentions of his daughter in some of them then. Her name was ‘Grace (or Gracie) Taylor’. Let me know if you do.

        I’m January 29th! That’s so cool. And yep, it sure is. ❤


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  21. Omg we really do have so much in common! I agree with you that a better phrase for home schooled is world schooled, because you get to learn and grow up in the real world rather than inside a classroom. I have philosophical conversations with my mum too 🙂 And when you said ” I don’t belong to a certain religion, but I have faith in something bigger than me to guide me and help me” I almost DIED because that’s EXACTLY WHAT I BELIEVE TOO! 🙂
    You sound like you have a pretty cool life, what with all the travelling! I wish I could live like that too, it sounds like a much more interesting life than mine 😛 You seem like an amazing person, never give up on your dreams xx

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  23. Wow!! Your family sounds a lot like my family!! Everything you said is exactly what my family is doing as well!! I never knew I’d find someone I have so much in common with! And you’re even about to start traveling! Crazy!!

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      • Yes, it’s very cool! I’m super excited. At the moment we’re just trying to put all of our energy and focus into getting ready and finding our places in this journey. We’re also trying to establish our purpose and why we’re doing this.Would you mind explaining a bit more about why you and your family left everything behind and decided to travel? I’m just curious. 🙂


  24. Wow! Your writing is simply gorgeous (just like you!). It has so much passion and soul, I love it. I couldn’t agree more with you and your parents; I am excited to read more from you!
    Best of luck with your upcoming travels! It’s really nice to find a blogger (and family) that is similar to my own :). Hugs! xx

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    • Aw, thank you so much, Kathryn. And yes, it’s absolutely wonderful. I really connect with you and your family and I haven’t ever found anyone in the blogosphere (or even in real life) who lives a life remotely similar to my own. Best of luck ith yours too! Thanks for the comment!
      Gracie xxx

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  25. Hi Gracie!
    Thank you for following my blog, really appreiciate it ( i followed your blog in return ) i think that you truly are a light in the darkness with your vision’s. i think its really important to write ( i love writing too ) and share what you think with the world and that’s exactly what you’ve done. I can relate to you a lot as i’m the same age as you, maybe a bit older. I like your blog and will be checking it regulary. Thanks again,
    Teen Girl Xx

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