My Campaign: Tackling Racism With Haikus

I originally wrote this as a post, but I didn’t want it to disappear into my archives as I added more and most posts to my blog. Lost, forgotten, an idea that never flourished. So here it is: my campaign. It’s called Tackling Racism With Haikus and you can read more below.

A haiku is a Japanese poem consisting of three lines, the first is five syllables, the second is seven and the third is five again.  For such a short poem, they have the capacity to be very powerful.

Poetry is a way of using words to express something. Words can change people’s lives and destroy people’s lives, they have so much potential. If only we can use words to beat terrible things that exist in the world, like racism. Words can do more than any amount of fighting, wars and conflict just cause more hate. Words can turn hearts around. We can employ poetry to raise awareness of, and eventually conquer, racism.

Let’s start a campaign called Tackling Racism With Haikus. Come on guys. I think we could do this. We may not be able to wipe racism off of the face of the earth, but I think we can make a change. So everyone who is reading this now, please go and write a haiku in the name of anti-racism. If you have blog, post it on that and ask your followers to write one too. If you like you can reblog this post and raise awareness.

You know, being bloggers, we have a really amazing tool at our disposal. We have A VOICE! So we should use it to do something good and worthwhile. Don’t worry if you’ve never written a poem in your life or if you think you’re not that good. It’s the thought that counts. Let me know in the comments if you’ve written one and I’ll check it out. Also don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

Right, I’ll start.

You don’t understand
how colour doesn’t matter,
it fades in the end……..


61 thoughts on “My Campaign: Tackling Racism With Haikus

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  8. I loved the idea behind this, I think it is a wonderful initiative! I already have a tiny snippet on this very topic written, but it’s not a haiku. Would that be okay (if it is not, that’s cool, I’ll write something new)? Regardless, I fully support this and will be delighted to participate. I should have something up in a couple of days!

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  13. Awesome idea :D. Love how creative you are with this campaign. Something small like this can be a really cool reminder for us all about the problem of racism that’s still happening and yeah I can definitely see the potential for this to make a big difference and to motivate more people to take a stand! Just trying to get some ideas for my own campaign as well on the problem of racism in Australia and thanks for the inspirations :). Will definitely have a haiku up on my blog too.


  14. Wow…I just looked at this, though I have followed you for a little bit now, I always go to your blog posts, but this is amazing. Wow! I am amazed at your courage in making this, anyone can comment, say anything, or you might get backlash, but you did it, and you know what? That is something to admire. Great job, girl. ❤ I am going to write one! It may take me a while because I can't write poetry, but, I will try. 😀


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  15. I just saw it (why oh why didn’t I see this when I had no post ideas??) and I love the message! I despise racism and I always correct even the slightest unintentional racism. I’ll definitely participate, maybe even multiple times!
    Sending love to the amazing human aka Gracie,
    Aditi xxx


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