The Perfectly Imperfect Tag (My Participation)


Hi Everyone! Today I’m participating in a beautiful tag that was created especially as a guest post for A Light In The Darkness, by the amazing Aqsa. She nominated me and I’m absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to take part. Thanks Aqsa. You’re. The. Best. EVER!


  1. Copy/paste the image of the tag in your post.
  2. Make sure to share a little blurb about the creator of the tag.
  3. Give a shout out to the person who nominated you.
  4. Talk about what your strengths are, and what you love about yourself. These can range from anything positive about you, or your future aspirations and goals.’
  5. Who/what are you inspired by, and how do you want to make a difference?
  6. What’s your advice to those that struggle to love themselves, and to those that doubt themselves?
  7. Lastly nominate as many bloggers as you would like (ranging from 1 to whichever amount you choose) and let them know that you nominated them.


Copy/paste the image of the tag in your post.

the-perfectly-imperfect-tag1 (1)

Done ✓

Make sure to share a little blurb about the creator of the tag.

When I first started blogging, I struggled to find anyone else with a similar purpose to me. Then I stumbled upon Aqsa’s blog and everything changed. We both have a passion for writing and want to use it to make a difference in this world. She spreads sunshine, joy and hope everywhere she goes and we’ve become such great friends. I wish her all the best with this tag!

Give a shout out to the person who nominated you.

Thanks again, Aqsa!

Talk about what your strengths are, and what you love about yourself. These can range from anything positive about you, or your future aspirations and goals.’

I admire my own determination, the way I’m not afraid to stand up for what I believe in. I’m grateful for my gift with words, the way I can spin them and shape then and make them dance and shine on the page. I love the motivation I feel to change the world. I love the way I understand things that I read, the way my mind processes information and memorises it. People say I’m pretty smart, I think that’s because I like Shakespeare and science. 😉

I love that I’m not afraid to be myself, that I don’t conform to what society says I, a teenage girl, should be.

I want to be a teacher and start my own school in the future, even though teaching is definitely not my greatest strength. It’s my dream and I will make it happen.

Who/what are you inspired by, and how do you want to make a difference?

My greatest inspiration comes from my parents. It was always my Dad who encouraged me to be A Light In The Darkness. We’re always having philosophical discussions about the world and they’re not afraid of challenging me when I’m wrong. They always want the best for me, which is all I can ask for really. They’ve given me this amazing, alternative lifestyle that showers me with opportunities I’d never experience if we lived a ‘normal life’.

I’m inspired by the bloggers out here who are making a difference. It fills my heart with hope and joy every single time we have a conversation, make each other smile, read each others inspiring posts, support each other. I’m not alone and means the world to me.

The way I would like to make a difference is by, being human, using words as weapons, sacrificing everything to bring change and empowering my own generation to help me.

What’s your advice to those that struggle to love themselves, and to those that doubt themselves?

Anxiety and insecurity come as results of our corrupted modern day society. It is messed up and has no idea of wrong and right anymore. Remember, it is society that is wrong, not you. You are who you are. Don’t change it for a system that is completely and utterly wrong.

Lastly nominate as many bloggers as you would like (ranging from 1 to whichever amount you choose) and let them know that you nominated them.

Ah, this is hard because Aqsa and I have all the same friends and she’s nominated them all already! Anyway, here goes:

I nominate:

Adoma @ GirlFromGhana

Tiana @ TheBookRaven

Me @ TheGirlWithIronWings

Charis @ CharisRae

Saanvi @ ANotebookOnePenAndMe

Abigail @ TheUpsAndDowns

These girls were nominated by Aqsa, but you guys are some of my best blogger friends and I couldn’t leave you out! There are no words for how awesome you are and how much you mean to me. Thanks, your deserve this nomination! 

May @ ForeverAndEverly

Elsie LMC

Rayne @ FindTheBusStop

Did you enjoy this tag? Will you participate? What are your strengths? Your dreams for the future? Who inspires you? Please leave me a comment, I love hearing from you guys! 



The Perfectly Imperfect Tag ~ A Guest Post By Aqsa!

the-perfectly-imperfect-tag1 (1).png

Today I am honoured to host the creation of an inspiring new tag by my amazing blogging friend Aqsa . *fanfare* I asked her if she wanted to do a guest post and she came up with something as brilliant as this. Totally typical. Anyways, it is with great pleasure that I share with you The Perfectly Imperfect Tag! Here’s the link to it on Aqsa’s blog:

via The Perfectly Imperfect Tag: My Blogging Campaign/Featured Guest Post! – Aqsa Says What? — Aqsa Says What?

Expect my participation within the near future!

Wishing this tag the best of luck! Hope it spreads all around the blogosphere…..!

What Am I Reading? + The Elements Of A Novel (Just Me Dissecting One Of The Greatest And Most Famous Works Of Literature Ever)

At 994 pages long, this could just be one of the BIGGEST reading challenges I’ve ever taken on. Allow me to introduce ‘War and Peace’! Da da da!

Everything about this book draws me to it, the language, the setting, the characters, the fact that HARDLY ANYONE HAS READ IT! This is actually one of the main reasons I decided to read ‘War and Peace’, it’s intriguing because of the challenge it presents. It is also one of the most famous works of literature ever.

This novel is so amazing that I am dedicating a whole post to it! I’m going to cover different elements one by one. *carefully dissects War and Peace page by page* *takes forever* To kick off, let’s go with a brief overview:

Amidst a lavish party in St Petersburg attended by society’s finest, the prospect of war is on everyone’s lips. Soon the lives of Pierre, Prince Andrei and Natasha are changed forever as Napoleon’s armies invade and brutal conflict tears their world’s apart.

In this beguiling masterpiece, Leo Tolstoy (the author) entwines love, death and determinism with war and its effects on those swept up by the terror it brings. Following the rise and fall of some of Russia’s most influential families, this truthful and poignant epic is as relevant today as ever. 

Although it’s an old work, this novel encompasses some really modern ideas. Lets now move on to characters:

The characters in this are so well-created. There are the three main protagonists as well as endless others, but we’ll focus on Pierre, Prince Andrei and Natasha today. Note: I haven’t finished the book yet, so I can’t say I know these characters that well, but I’ll do my best.

Pierre: The favourite, but illegitimate son of a rich old count, Pierre is a newcomer in this world of scandal and small talk (AKA Russian high society). After recently returning from an education abroad, he still learning what is expected of him here. He often says the wrong thing at the wrong moment, much to the shock and distress of other, more experienced, members of society. His strong, keen opinions are not always appreciated, especially as he is quick to praise Napoleon (whom the aristocrats feel threatens their way of life) and speak on behalf of the people.

His Father has commanded him to choose the path he wants to take in life and he is still unable to decide when his Father falls I’ll and does, but not before appealing for Pierre to be deemed legitimate and heir to his colossal fortune. Suddenly Pierre is a Count and one of the wealthiest men in Russia. It seems his future is laid out before him, his choice suddenly snatched away.

Prince Andrei: Intelligent, well-respected, learned, eloquent and able to discuss his opinions, the Prince is everything Pierre wants to be. Yet Prince Andrei doesn’t fit in with high society, so when the war begins he joins the army, relieved to find a sense of purpose at last. He is a courageous soldier, but not everyone is happy that he’s there. His wife is expecting a child and is angry at him for leaving her to go off and fight. 

Natasha: Princess Natasha is thirteen when we meet her. She loves life and rejoices in everything, spreading cheer and laughter wherever she goes. She has parents who love her, a man who promises to marry her when she is sixteen, and is surrounded by people who adore her. Perhaps she hasn’t even contemplated her future….?

My personal favourite is Pierre, I love the way he is torn between the world he has experienced abroad and the world he has been born into. He is so inquisitive, so eager to ask questions that no one else wants to know the answers to.

Well, I’d better get back to reading! This may take me a while! *flips through pages enthusiastically*

What’s the biggest reading challenge you’ve ever taken on? Would you read War and Peace? Did you enjoy this post? How were my images? 

Note: I would like to give a quick shout-out to my good blogging friend May! She has just started her debut blogging project The Scribblers Challenge and it would be amazing if you all went and joined in! Thanks in advance from both of us!





As the title states, I think I’ve learnt my lesson. Never wear yellow in the summer, or this happens:



Most people would be hyperventilating screaming in that situation, but it doesn’t bother me. Like, at all. They were like little beetles with wings and were actually pretty cool. It makes me wonder how humans have become uncomfortable, even scared, around bugs? Where has this come from?

If people calmed down and thought about it rationally they’d realise that, although bugs may not be particularly ‘pleasant’, they’re not exactly disgusting or terrifying either. Are they?

These little fellas weren’t doing me any harm and it was actually quite funny to laugh at my mistake.

It’s crazy to think that there are people in this world who are absolutely horrified to even see a spider and then there are others who tuck into them like a snack. Sorry if this makes you feel queasy, it’s the truth though! The crazy, crazy truth.

This is the result of different cultures and societies. Are phobias of insects what comes with our ‘advanced modern society’?

What do you think? Apologies for the rant…!

I hope this sparks a discussion, please leave a comment with all your thoughts and opinions on this topic! I’d love to hear from you. 

‘Snapshot’ (A Guest-Poem)


The poem is a little special to me, you see, because, after years of writing, I wrote about how things are in my country, how reality has nothing to do but to lie there with glazed eyes, because everyone is waiting, and just waiting some more, for a change. It’s like walking through honey, and change is bitter and hard work; most people here simply curse it. The few who risk a try get trapped in this spider web of lethargy. Time stills. No one moves. Everything stays the same and hypocrisy prevails. 

These words are a perfect introduction to a stunning poem that I am about to share with you all. The author is Flaw Rainlight  Here is how she describes herself:

Hey there! I’m Flaw Rainlight and often write under the name of T. E. Pyrus. I live in the company of five wonderful cats and writing is a passion. I also learn and love classical dance and music. 

When I first tried my hand at writing, I was about six years old, exploring Dr. Seuss and R. L. Stevenson. That was probably soon after realized my love and awe of books, the way they preserve dreams and lives of people, real and imaginary, for decades and centuries. 

I remember thinking at one point, when I was bothered by the lack of fun things to read on a short vacation with my parents, that if I couldn’t find things to read, why couldn’t try writing them? 

And thus, my imagination, fueled first by boredom, and later by curiosity, passion and a desire to challenge myself further, spilled into little rhymes and incomplete stories. (I’m still mortified that my mother keeps a firm hold on those notebook pages of childish rambling.)

Eventually, encouraged and supported lovingly by friends, family and absolute strangers, I decided to bring my work out into this scary outside world. I began to explore spoken word and set up this blog as a medium to reach out to people like you, who care about writing, and write about caring. After all, thinkers and writers unfurl from the burning fire within to love the world and everything in it, and to witness its evolution that many simply walk past without another glance.

Wow. She certainly I’d talented. Here is her wonderfully deep and meaningful piece:
 Curiosity stares through tinted glasses
at railway tracks that glint darker in the sun;
the house crow that pecks on the ties in between
looks only slightly greyer than its shadow.
The diesel smoke and incense mist
lie faintly over red painted benches
that infrequently decorate the station platform.
Glass doored cabinets in miniature stalls
hold jars of hard candy, myriad pan filling
and sugared tamarind sweets to charm the mouth,
brightly coloured foil packets of biscuits and sweetened milk cake
lie sulking on the icebox, liberally filled
with ice cream and badam milk, mishti doi and lassi,
chilled soda in orange, brown, and green,
sealed bottles of water for people to please.
People and more people with stranger clothes and faces
scurry and stumble, then scramble and hurry
up the overbridge and down to platform number four
with sari and suitcase, toddler with a missing shoe.
Cartons of fresh iced fish to be sold a thousand miles away
settle comfortably on the floor of the parcel compartment,
painted blue, like all the thirty and one passenger coaches
tailing the rusty red engine that punctuates the chaos
with sleepy sighs and anxious whistles.
Footsteps and wheels run briskly here,
yet time runs ever slowly still
in rhythm with the ceaseless chant –
“cha~i coffee! co~ffee chai! cha~i coffee!…”

Beautiful Ideas + Determined Bloggers = One Word: Change (An Equation That Can Mean Only One Thing: Another Blogging Project)


I told you we’d celebrate with something special, didn’t I? Something fun and light-hearted, yet still staying true to the purpose of A Light In The Darkness?

I had a bit of a dilemma, but I really hope that you guys like what I’ve chosen. My blogging project A Passion For The World seemed to inspire so many people to think about how they could use the things they love to change the world. I saw the power of this creative project, the joy and the purpose it gave all my blogging friends. I want to give you another opportunity to feel this way. So……….

Without further ado, I present my NEW blogging project: Beautiful Ideas + Determined Bloggers = One Word: Change 

Here are the steps you follow, it’s simple.

  • Sign up for the project by emailing me at If you like, you can invite a couple of other bloggers to participate by sharing the links to their blogs with me.


  • I will assign pairs, based in which bloggers I think will work well together.


  • You must then collaborate to come up with a campaign idea for using blogging to change the world. Note: if you don’t want to be in direct contact with other bloggers then I suggest you don’t sign up for this. Unless you can think of another way to do it…?


  • You can then present your campaign idea to me and I will launch the winning ones on my blog!

Tip:  They can be interactive (like an award) or they can be raising awareness of something, let your imagination flow like a waterfall…..!

I hope this gets you excited and inspired!

Now, there were a few of you who wanted a blog party and, I must admit, it sounds pretty fun. So gone on, leave a comment and join the party! Tell us about yourself, chat and interact, visit new blogs, have fun and SMILE!


300 Followers (Looking Back On My Blogging Journey)

Thank you. I actually can’t say much more. I may be a writer, but there are some times where these two simple words are the best way to express my gratitude. Every single heartfelt, genuine, inspiring comment you leave, every follow, every like, has made this blog what it is today.

I honestly wish I could give a shout out to every single one of you who’s made my journey unique and beautiful to be on. But there are hundreds of you and I cannot possibly reach out to you all, but even by you reading this now, it is making my day.

So, thank you.

Sitting here now, I wonder if I’ve achieved any of those crazily ambitious hopes I had when I began blogging? Have I really made any difference to anyone’s life? Have I become A Light In The Darkness, like I desperately wanted to? Have I been honest with myself?

Maybe not. I don’t know. I feel tinges of sadness, yet I’ve enjoyed every minute of this journey, every step. It’s opened up so many doors, given me amazing opportunities and I’ve made the best friends ever.

I’d like to celebrate in some way. If you can think of anything particularly special that ties in with the theme of this blog, please let me know. I thought maybe we could have a blog party? Or I could launch another blogging project? It’s absolutely up to you, my readers. I’m giving you the choice. Comment below.

I’m worried that I haven’t always been myself on here and one of my goals is to be totally me. I am naturally a serious person, but I’m young and I need to have some fun sometimes. Be more light-hearted. I hide in my computer, reading, writing, thinking. I never think about how it affects my family and those who love me. I feel the same way about this blog.

Being A Light In The Darkness isn’t about being articulate and serious all the time, it’s about being fun and spreading sunshine.

I promise there’ll be more of that!

See you all later, talk soon and thank you from the bottom of my heart. ♥️♥️♥️

Lots of love,



‘The Joys Of Being A Writer’: Guest Post by Rayne At The Bus Stop!

Image result for writing girl gif

Calling all people of the blogosphere (especially writers!) I am thrilled to have a guest post by the beautiful Rayne At The Bus Stop today. Doesn’t she have a stunning name, guys? Rayne Abigail Morales. I could even be jealous.

Anyways, Rayne has written an amazingly fantastic and extremely helpful guide to the ‘joys of being a writer’. Be warned, if you are a writer, this will make you scuttle off to find your pens immediately, but not before you’ve been captivated by this amusing and engaging account by a truly wonderful story-teller (and definitely not before you’ve left us a comment!) Now, let’s go! 

Image result for elizabeth bennet gif

Let’s pretend this is me reading Rayne’s guide, okay? ‘Cause I want it to be!!! I love this girl. Go Lizzie Bennet! Anyone else? (Before this turns into a rant) 

The Joys of Being a Writer 

Howdy, everyone!

    I’m Rayne from over at The Bus Stop. I’m a fourteen-year-old girl, a pianist, a big sister, and a writer of contemporary short stories. I blog to have the opportunity to share my stories with others, to build an audience, and to find and interact with other bloggers who share similar passions.

    I’m excited to be writing for Gracie’s terrific audience today!

    Gracie’s blog has an inspiring theme of using our passions to change the world. I absolutely love this ambitious and encouraging blog! Most of us in the blogosphere have a passion for writing, so today, I’m writing a post…

    …To all the writers out there who are feeling discouraged:

    My friends, would you describe the writer’s journey as long and hard? Are those the first two words that pop into your head when you think of the writing process? If so, you’re not alone. But have you ever considered that being a writer is also fun?

    Sure, maybe when you were brand new at writing, you were excited, fresh with ideas and full of enthusiasm. But by now, you feel like your writing is dead. The bad news is, if you feel like your writing is dead, it probably is. The good news is, this can be fixed! But bringing your writing back to life does not start with fixing the writing itself, it starts with you. If you’re not excited or enthusiastic about your writing, your writing will be dead, because writing will always reflect its author, no matter how far along your voice is in the refining process.

    So how do we change our own attitudes about writing? Well, we all know it won’t inspire us to write if we see writing as a box to check off on the list, or necessary to keep the blog running. So here’s the inspiring truth: Being a writer is fun. It’s an exciting journey we writers get to go on! We have so much creativity and discovery at our disposal. As Victor Hugo said, “A writer is a world trapped inside a person.”   

    My dad is an awesome writer. Guys, he writes for hours and hours many days. Sometimes I wonder how he doesn’t get tired of it. Yet when I asked him, “What’s fun about being a writer?” his answer was immediately, “Oh, lots of things!”

    I’m going to give you guys two of his many reasons and build off of them! Here we go!

  1. The discovery process – having a single thought, then sitting down to write it and ending up with something more thought-out, more refined, and more elaborated, than your original thought. 

    When I say, “discovery process”, I don’t mean the research you get to do in the writing process (although that is both interesting and important), but I mean the discovery of yourself!

    As the Nobel-prize winner Gabriel Garcia Marquez (who is Colombian like me, I note with pride) once said, all stories start with an image. I remember the first time I heard that. An image, really? Not a plot, not an outline? Because those can be so tricky to develop and are boring anyways.

    I recently sat down to write a story, and I had a single thought, a single image. I imagined two children playing a pretend game (a classic knight-and-princess roleplay). I didn’t ask myself any questions, I didn’t make myself write an outline, all I did was write. See, being a writer who starts with an image is like being a cameraman. You get to take a single image and choose the angles, when to zoom in or zoom out, the filters, etc. AND HOW FUN IS THAT.

    Where were we? Oh, yes, so I began to write my image…

    And as I looked more and more closely at the image, I learned about my characters’ personalities and looks. I heard their dialogue and watched them play. And by the time I was finished observing the image, a story was already being formed. You can read it here

    So yes, the discovery process is such a fun part of being a writer! Discovering what YOU can do with a single thought, a single image! You can take a single moment and make a story, you can take a single person and write an entire lifetime, you can take a single setting and write a history!

    With that exciting thought said, we can move on to another thing my dad said is fun about being a writer.

  1. The satisfaction of creating – we as people love to create. We write, we build, we invent, we explore. People who create improve life.

    Writing is hard work, yes! It’s a long process, yes! It takes a heck of a lot of time, yes! But it is very rewarding.

    Just think about it. You’ve created something that wasn’t there before. I mean, it was NON-EXISTENT before you came along!

    For example, take genius Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator of the hit Broadway musical, Hamilton. He took the story of the founding father, Alexander Hamilton, which used to be nothing more than history facts, and made it interesting and compelling. He took someone who to us was no more than a history figure and made him matter to us. And people LOVED IT. So, fellow writers, don’t throw away your shot to create something brand new! (Any other Hamilfans out there reading this right now?!)

    Now to use an example of one of my own works. I wrote a short story last fall entitled “My Tiny House”. I saw an image of a small house sitting next to a large house, and I went for it. My dad put the story on his Facebook page, and a teacher read it to her fourth-grade class. I created something that wasn’t there before, and it entertained a whole class of kids!

    So remember: writing is a long journey, but if you stay at it, you will reap the rewards. You will create things that weren’t there before that will challenge, entertain, or inform others. 

    Let’s wrap it up, shall we?

    Being a writer is full of discovery and reward! We writers get to have a lot of fun as we write to learn more about ourselves, about others, about life, and share it with others. If you are feeling discouraged about your writing, if your writing feels dead, stop in your tracks and look at yourself. Are you inspired and motivated to write? You have the capability to do great work – see it as a thrilling adventure, not as an obligation or chore.

    So, my fellow writers, take heart! You have an exciting journey ahead of you – all you have to do is pack your bags and go! Or in this case, all you have to do is WRITE. And use it to make a difference in the lives of other people.

    Signing off,

    Rayne from the Bus Stop


Wow! Who enjoyed that? Who is exhilarated with that surge of inspiration that’s rushing through your body right now? Who is dancing around the room, delighting in the joys of being a writer? #proud

Image result for running through meadow gif

Or dancing round a field. Either will do.

Please leave a comment, it makes my day and I’m sure Rayne would love to hear from you too. Thanks, guys, you’re all awesome.


P.S. Since I’m doing GIFs in this post (which I rarely use) I have to include this one, as it’s from my favourite film of all time: ‘Calamity Jane’

Image result for calamity jane gif

Oops-There’s Been A Mistake!

Silly me, I accidentally pressed something that messed up my latest post, you may have already read it (and I may be worrying over nothing) but just to make sure, please click this link:

Thank you everybody! You’re all so understanding. I’m just terrible with technology, what about you?

Why Does It Matter?*

*Warning: If you do not wish to enter the mind of a crazy, philosophical, teenage writer with BIG questions and even more BIG ideas, a burning desire to make a difference and passion and determination like you’ve never seen before, I suggest you turn back now. If you are even remotely interested/intrigued, please read on…!
“People were created to be loved. Things were created to be used. The reason why the world is in chaos is because things are being loved and people are being used.” 

One simple statement. Why would my opinion matter? Why would your opinion matter? Why would anyone want to know what anyone else thought? Those are the questions I’m asking. In this world, which is almost as crazy as the one in existence within my mind, it doesn’t seem to matter what anyone else thinks or cares about.

Our world is very muddled up at the moment, everything seems to be in political and moral chaos. As someone who is aware of current affairs, I see all the hate, confusion, greed, anger, bitterness, prejudice, my list could go on. It makes me feel helpless, but with a great responsibility, as the next generation, to replace these with peace, trust and light. But, I do believe in deeds not words, we must take action.

Sorry about this jumble of words, I usually try to articulate myself carefully, but today I just had to be honest and pour everything out. So yeah, apologies.

Please get in touch through the comments, I’m sure everyone has equally crazy ideas and thoughts. I wonder what YOU all think? Let me know….!