The Right To Be A Kid

Young people can be inspirational, empowered, passionate and aware of the world. They can make big differences, but in the end, kids are kids. They are entitled to a happy, safe and enriching childhood. An environment to play and learn and be themselves. But not all kids have this opportunity and it’s not just children that are poor or unprivileged that face this problem, even the richest and most famous of children can be forced to live in this situation.

This story is based on a true event involving Barron Trump and Chelsea Clinton. I found it incredible and it restored some of my faith in humanity.

The Right To Be A Kid by Gracie Chick (me) 

Snap! Snap! The cameras swarm like flies around the boy with the slightly bewildered expression. He is wearing an expensive blue suit and every now and then someone shoves into him, pressing a microphone into his face. His Mother is tall and glamorous beside him. She poses and then takes him by the hand and leads him up the steps, past the huge columns and  through the doorway that’s protected by tough security guards. 

His head is pounding and looks over his shoulder to see the guards closing the door on all the jostling reporters. 

He wanders around the hundreds of rooms that make up the mansion he has to call home. He feels lost. The boy gazes out of a window, watching the kids playing in the street and wishing he could do the same. But every time he steps outside he’s plagued by a cavalcade of paparazzi that descend upon him. Then there’s the fact that he moves school so often and he has no friends. No one. There’s so much pressure on his young shoulders. 

He knows what people think. As much as his parents may try to hide it from him. He knows people judge him on who is father is. He wishes they wouldn’t, he’s just like any other kid. 

The boy logs onto his fancy laptop. His Dad is the hottest topic, every news page has something to say, mostly negative. Social media is brimming with hateful comments, some regarding himself.  He scrolls through them,  each word a stab at his wounded heart.

But then he sees something different, nestled amongst the mocking messages is a glinting nugget of hope. The tweet reads:

‘Barron Trump deserves the chance to be a kid.’ The author is Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of his Father’s old rival to the presidency.

His heart is lifted as he reads through some more. 

‘Whether you support Trump or you don’t, you can’t attack Barron Trump just because of whose son he is.’ 

‘He didn’t run for office, did he? He is ten years old.’

The End.

And in the raging social media battle that ensued, Democrats and Republicans alike, set aside their differences to defend the rights of a child. I am glad that they made the decision to stand up for Barron Trump together and to fight against prejudice.

It just goes to show that there is always one thing that can join us together. Maybe if we find that one thing then the people of the world that are fighting can stop, the people who are taking can give, the people who are lying can tell the truth, the people who are sad can be joyful and the people who are crying can laugh.

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If change was a fire, then a small piece of tinder has been lit! And I’ve just smelt the smoke! The fire has started deep in the heart of Africa, in the country of Botswana, and it goes by the name of Botho.



A small village in Botswana

A small village in Botswana

Botswana is governed by five national principals, democracy, development, self-reliance, unity and Botho.

Botho is a philosophy that the people of Botswana follow.  It is based on a number of important things: Mutual respect, responsibility, compassion and realising your full potential as an individual and as part of the community you live in.

The people of Botswana  practice Botho everyday, at school, at work, at home and in their local community. They think about the decisions they make and see if they are good for others and not just for themselves.

Botswana’s vision for 2016 states:  ‘Botho defines a process for earning respect by first giving it, and to gain empowerment by empowering others. It encourages people to applaud rather than resent those who succeed. It disapproves of anti-social, disgraceful, inhuman and criminal behaviour, and encourages social justice for all. It means above all things to base your thoughts, actions and expectations for human interaction on the principles of Love, Respect and Empathy’

You cannot live  Botho alone. Botho is all about working together, about doing what is best for the community and not just for yourself.

I think that Botho holds the secret for the world living in peace and harmony. That is what it is all about, unity and in unity we have strength to stand up for what is right.

I challenge you, people of the world, to think about Botho and how you can apply it to your own life. I too am going to think about it. How can I apply it to life in my own little community: my family? We, as a family, feel like we already try to follow some of the principles of Botho.

I am going to explore it even more, so expect more blogs about it. As I journey I will share my thoughts . My final destination is to live Botho.

Tell me what you think in the comments, I’m really keen to know…….

They don't have a lot of things or a lot of money, but they have Botho and that makes them happy!

They don’t have a lot of things or a lot of money, but they have Botho and that makes them happy!

One family found the philosophy so important that they named their child Botho.

One family found the philosophy so important that they named their child Botho.

Caring about others is essential for the people of Botswana. They believe that it is important to do what is best for your community.

Caring about others is essential for the people of Botswana. They believe that it is important to do what is best for your community.




Children, Unite!


Children are 27% of the world’s people BUT 100% of the world’s future

We are the world’s future parents, teachers, prime ministers, farmers, bankers, builders, bakers, activists, scientists, ecologists, religious leaders, lawyers, pop stars, scout leaders, and most importantly, we are tomorrow’s peacemakers.

Across the world 58 million children aren’t getting the chance to go to school.


FIRST NEWS, the weekly newspaper for young people, have launched Children United, a charity that is trying to help uneducated children all over the world to go to school.  They say their desire is to give kids a window on the world from wherever they are sitting right now.  It will help them to hear different points of view and understand different cultures.

They talk about all the different reasons why kids cannot and do not go to school.

They believe that all children have the right to education and have released a song , performed by Alesha Dixon and children from around the world, to share their message.  Check the song out it’s beautiful, emotional and full of passionate children.

I think the reason why children should go to school is because it gives them hope, a brighter future and a way to provide for their family.  If children are taught at home or are learning a practical skill like farming, then they should have the right to not go to school, but some for kids it’s a chance.

You may wonder why I, a home educated kid, am encouraging others to go to school.  Education is essential wherever you learn. Some kids can have a future that is promising and fruitful without going to school, but for others it is very important and an opportunity to seize because it can change their lives.

Children United want children to come together to raise their voices to say that they want their fellows to be educated.  They have written a petition, #UpForSchool, its aim is to gather millions of signatures demanding education for all, a message that no world leader can ignore.

When the petition is signed by loads of people then it will be delivered by Gordon Brown (The UN Special Envoy for Education) to some very important world leaders in the hope that they will make a special effort to make sure all kids that want to go to school, go to school!

#UpForSchool petition reads:

” We, the world’s youth, teachers, parents and global citizens, appeal to our government to keep their promise, made at the United Nations in 2ooo, to ensure that all out-of-school children gain their right to education before the end of 2015. We are standing up to bring an end to barriers preventing girls and boys from going to school, including forced work and early marriage, conflict and attacks on schools, exploitation and discrimination. All children deserve the opportunity to learn and achieve their potential.”

I encourage everyone to sign this petition.  It will make the future so much better for so many people, it will go a long way to ensuring that kids achieve their potential, their hopes and their dreams.

You can sign the petition at:

Thank You!