Deja Vu: How About You?


What do you think about deja vu? For those who don’t know what deja vu is and/or are interested in the dictionary definition ( like me, although I’m pretty interested in the dictionary definition of everything. Yeah, I have read the whole dictionary! Yes, really! Anyone else who’s done that? Thought not ). Anyhow here it goes: The illusion of having previously experienced something actually being encountered for the first time.  It’s french for ‘already seen’.

But, the big question is, is deja vu an illusion? Hang on, am I questioning the  dictionary? Yup, I am.

Personally I love Deja Vu, it makes me think. In fact, it usually sends volleys of thoughts flying round my brain, that I can’t seemed to harness or control and that I end up thinking about for hours. It’s also brilliant inspiration for stories, the mystery, the romance of it all. I’m a Deja Vu enthusiast.

But I know that’s not the case for some people. Whilst researching this marvellous thing ( Thing? Not quite sure what to file it as )  I read about people that live their lives in a constant maze of Deja Vu. Like they’re wandering round a labyrinth of some sort. Having Deja Vu of having Deja Vu and so on.

I want to know your views on this and your experiences.