A Quote From Gracie Chick In A National Newspaper!

On my blog I aspire to write about the world from different angles, in different styles, from different viewpoints and opinions, to challenge and to support, to make a difference through what I love, which is writing.

I am passionate and inquisitive about the world and everything that goes on in it, good and bad, and so are many other kids and young people across the UK.  That’s why a newspaper called First News has been produced, to quench our thirst for an understanding of the things happening on our planet.

It’s brilliant because it really recognises the fact that informing children is extremely important. After all, we are the next generation. It tells me and the other 2 million readers all about politics, the environment, immigration, events, sport, local issues, world issues, interesting stories, crime, interviews, advice and more.

They also have a website, feel free to check it out if you too are someone who wants to know about the world. You can watch daily news bulletins, find out about being a child reporter, enter competitions, have your say in polls, watch videos that explain things like the Refugee Crisis and make a difference. http://live.firstnews.co.uk/

I regularly visit this website and only this morning I found out all about youth courts, gun crimes in America, a plane crash in South America and children making journeys to school and what dangers they face in different parts of the world. You can comment on all the articles they write too and I often do, as I like to express my opinion.

Also this morning I was reading my weekly newspaper when I came across the ‘Quote Bubble’, the place where they put a comment from one of their readers.  I read it with interest, as I saw it was on Donald Trump. But when I saw the author of the comment I couldn’t believe it. It read:

Quote: First News Reader, Gracie, on Donald Trump:
“I think people voted for him because they wanted change. I wonder what sort of change he will bring?!”

A few days before I had written those very words on their website and now they were in the newspaper for everyone to see. I felt so privileged to have my views published like that and so proud that they had seen them interesting and thought-provoking enough to put in.

Thank you First News!



Jeans For Genes Day!


Jeans for Genes Day is drawing near!  I’m sure some of you have heard of it and maybe even done something with your friends, school or work in aid of this amazing charity.  For those who aren’t familiar with it, here goes my explanation.

Jeans for Genes is a charity helping children with genetic disorders. On the 18 September every year, people in groups, schools, nurseries and workplaces all over the place get together and do something extraordinary in their jeans.

The money they raise goes to the charity and they use it to create life changing projects,  such as A Week On The Open Ocean, which gives children born with no eyes the opportunity to spend a week learning to sail and steer out in the English Channel. One teenage girl said that she didn’t dare to leave the house without her prosthetic eyes before the course.  She left them behind when she went on the boat and now she feels so much more confident without them. She also said that it taught her to be brave and try new things.  It’s really incredible.

It also provides equipment for the kids, like wheelchairs or communicating devices. It makes life a whole lot more pleasurable and easier for them and their families. They pay for well-earned holidays for young carers, who sacrifice their own life for the needs of others. They are true legends, they should be celebrated.

These children are so amazing, you think what they’ve been through, yet they don’t give up, they fight until the very end. When asked, ” What do want the most?”,  one young boy with restricted growth answered, “I wouldn’t change who I am for a million bucks, I just want to be accepted as who I am”.  They don’t want to feel excluded and bullied just because they are different, at heart they are just the same as any other child, special.

These are a few of the children with genetic disorders featured on the Jeans for Genes website. To read their stories visit the the address at the bottom of the page.

These are a few of the children with genetic disorders featured on the Jeans for Genes website. To read their stories visit: http://www.jeansforgenesday.org

I only heard about the charity recently, but as soon as I’d sat, my eyes glued to the article in First News, for ten minutes, I’d already made up my mind. I wanted to help. So I thought about what I could do in my jeans, a sponsored silence? A walk? A run? A swim? A cake sale? The main purpose of this blog was to make others aware of Jeans for Genes Day and to gather lots of ideas for things I could do to raise money for Jeans for Genes, extraordinary things for extraordinary kids.

So does anyone have any ideas?




Children, Unite!


Children are 27% of the world’s people BUT 100% of the world’s future

We are the world’s future parents, teachers, prime ministers, farmers, bankers, builders, bakers, activists, scientists, ecologists, religious leaders, lawyers, pop stars, scout leaders, and most importantly, we are tomorrow’s peacemakers.

Across the world 58 million children aren’t getting the chance to go to school.


FIRST NEWS, the weekly newspaper for young people, have launched Children United, a charity that is trying to help uneducated children all over the world to go to school.  They say their desire is to give kids a window on the world from wherever they are sitting right now.  It will help them to hear different points of view and understand different cultures.

They talk about all the different reasons why kids cannot and do not go to school.

They believe that all children have the right to education and have released a song , performed by Alesha Dixon and children from around the world, to share their message.  Check the song out it’s beautiful, emotional and full of passionate children.


I think the reason why children should go to school is because it gives them hope, a brighter future and a way to provide for their family.  If children are taught at home or are learning a practical skill like farming, then they should have the right to not go to school, but some for kids it’s a chance.

You may wonder why I, a home educated kid, am encouraging others to go to school.  Education is essential wherever you learn. Some kids can have a future that is promising and fruitful without going to school, but for others it is very important and an opportunity to seize because it can change their lives.

Children United want children to come together to raise their voices to say that they want their fellows to be educated.  They have written a petition, #UpForSchool, its aim is to gather millions of signatures demanding education for all, a message that no world leader can ignore.

When the petition is signed by loads of people then it will be delivered by Gordon Brown (The UN Special Envoy for Education) to some very important world leaders in the hope that they will make a special effort to make sure all kids that want to go to school, go to school!

#UpForSchool petition reads:

” We, the world’s youth, teachers, parents and global citizens, appeal to our government to keep their promise, made at the United Nations in 2ooo, to ensure that all out-of-school children gain their right to education before the end of 2015. We are standing up to bring an end to barriers preventing girls and boys from going to school, including forced work and early marriage, conflict and attacks on schools, exploitation and discrimination. All children deserve the opportunity to learn and achieve their potential.”

I encourage everyone to sign this petition.  It will make the future so much better for so many people, it will go a long way to ensuring that kids achieve their potential, their hopes and their dreams.

You can sign the petition at:  http://www.childrenunited.com/petition

Thank You!